Friday, September 30, 2011

Brb...I'm logging out.

I came home to the spawn outside playing. The boy had sticks and the two of them decided to sword fight -- Which somehow turned into WoW Larping. Which amused me highly. Amme was a Druid. Bean was a Warrior. [At first he was a rogue so he could stealth but he didn't like that Amme could detect stealth so he went with Warrior.] They defeated a few Giants, got a pants upgrade and a sword upgrade. Amme actually said and I quote "Brb I am logging out!" when I had her go inside to get my hoodie. Bean needed to repair his weapons when his stick broke. Then Amme decided she was done and wanted to watch Charmed. Bean then decided that I should somehow be involved in this madness as the Pally healer. He had since morphed into some Warrior/Rogue/DK combo dual-wielding Shadowmourne's while he slayed Boars so that he could skin them and level. He died a few times because I was distracted on the phone and I had to Res him, apparently I am as bad a Larping Healer as I was a WoW healer. lawl.

I decided to run out and get some icecream. And by some, I mean 3 containers. I felt like a fatass lawl. But it wasn't just for me. It was for the 4 other occupants of the house as well. I got Birthday Cake, Mint Chocolate  Chip and Nutty Buddy Waffle Cone or something like that.
Look how pretty it looks.

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