Friday, September 23, 2011

Date Night with my BFF.

I haven't ever been on many dates. I decided to take up video dating with this uber hawt chick from Indiana.[If  you haven't figured it out already, its my best friend and I miss her insanely so I make her sit with me for hours on webcam doing nothing. lawl]  She isn't really my type, all soccer mom and all, but shes got a nice personality. First we just chatted for a little bit to calm any nervousness she has. She gets quite nervous sometimes and falls and sprains random body parts and then is laid up for days. /shakes head. Then we ate dinner, her pizza [I won't list how much], me chilli [okay and maybe some icecream and a banana, I was hungry god damnit] Now we are blogging together and gazing lovingly into our monitors. Its so nice to be able to burp loudly [maybe even fart?] and not have to worry about what she thinks. I love my BFF.
"Move your finger over a little, you are pointing to the pimple not hiding it!"

I look ashamed to be eating this banana. I am not.

This is her normal face. She has to try hard to make keep her tongue from flopping out.

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