Saturday, September 24, 2011

/insert Andy Griffith Theme Music here.

So [since a certain someone seems to find it amusing when I start my blogs with so.] here I sit, AFK'd in WoW after talking to B about different kinds of wine I should be trying drinking some moscato. [note how pretty it looks against the screen with Vy just sitting there.]....

Today...we ventured to Mt. Airy to the Andy Griffith Festival. [Inorite? The name just sounds like the epitome of lame...I have no words.]

There were hella booths all chock full of Andy Griffith Memorabilia. Don't get me wrong, there was some hella cool pyrex. Found a set of the Amish in orange which is rate but it was way overpriced so I refrained.

We went into a store called "Mayberry Cheese and Cider", now I am not sure if it is always called that or if it just changes for the festival but they have hella tasty cheese. My Dad bought 2 kinds..Cajun and Habanero. I can't eat the Habanero..lawl.

Leave it to me in all my veggie glory to buy some Veggie Fries but Ho Le Chit, they were tasty. Like so tasty I bought 2 containers of them and would gladly go back for more. They are really good in veggie dip...haha. Fucking vegetarian wanna-be weirdo.

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