Thursday, September 22, 2011

Not enough Mana.

Does Blizzard not realize how super serious I am about them needing to hurry the fuck up and release D3? I want to play that game so hard. I logged into WoW last night to do some Firelands dailies and not feelin' it. SEE THE SHIRT!? NOTE THE SRS! Just sayin'.

The girl spawn came in and asked the definition of the word rigid. Of course I know the definition but trying to explain some definitions to 4th graders just brings upon more questions like "Well what does not flexible mean?" [she didn't ask that, but to avoid her doing so I just'd it]  [Just to clarify that I am not a dumbass and know what the word rigid does indeed mean.][Oh triple brackets, this is srsbsns.] And APPARENTLY, is quite quite proud to be spamming SWtOR advertisements. Holy fucking SWtOR ad's batman.

Work today...."Hey there, How are you? Did you want me to shove this toasted sub right up your ass?" :]

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