Sunday, November 27, 2011


Matt came for a visit for 4 days. That was awesomesauce. I miss him entirely too much. :[ I cannot wait until February when I can be around him as much as I'd like.


The girl spawn and I decided to bake cookies for Turkey Day. She was quite annoyed when her cookies did not turn out all round and perfect. I think she mixed them to much because the chocolate chips were a little beat down. lawl. Oh well, she did a great job anyways.

Toasted Macaroons with Splenda - YUCK. Did not like.

The girl making her chocolate chip cookies.

Her cookies. 

Cake Mix Cookies. So easy and nom.

Turkey Day was pretty un-thrilling this year. I missed my friends a lot. It has been Rhonda and the kids and I for a while now. AMG COLLARD GREENS! I also missed cooking. I have made the turkey for the past 9 years lol..not this year. Sigh. Oh well. After we ate, while the boy spawn played video  games, the girl spawn and I played outside. 

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