Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Random Penis!

When I was at the Charlotte Airport on my way to see Matt, some random dude asked me to watch his cell phone for him and hold his spot because it was next to the outlet where his phone was plugged in charging. I agreed because well I was sitting there on my ass, why not? I wouldn't ever leave my phone with anyone because my phone is like my life force, I might just die without it. But anyways, I sat there and got the idea that I should just randomly text the word PENIS! to people. I didn't do it because I am not nearly that ballsy and it would of been shitty to invade his privacy but god damn it would of been hilarious. I told a friend about it and we have since 'RANDOM PENIS!'ed each other randomly. Hence the title up there ^^.

Farming Vyragosa is completely interrupting my WoW life -- SIGH! I am currently still camped at a spawn point waiting my lame little heart out. I get the most ridiculous IM's as well -- "Why are you out here camping the TLPD if you are on it?" -- not to mention hella /confused /question /helloiamstupid emotes. Because APPARENTLY, the TLPD is the ONLY thing that is desired out here.  /facepalm

Earlier tonight, I was dipping Walnuts in Nutella. It was Nom, but it also felt a bit weird. Dipping one nut in a nut spread, but I went with it. Nutella is one of the best things ever created. /drool.

[Note Vy camped in The Storm Peaks]

Webcammed with the BFF tonight. Got a date again tomarrow. I miss her! And I miss her spawn. Ethan got on there today and was telling me all kinds of stuff. He also now can fully say my name instead of calling me 'Shit' [his word for Amethyst]. So I fartguarded when he was on webcam with me and Jess,  and althugh he had  multiple items in his hand that he was telling me all about, he still managed to Fart Guard! He also told me he loved me. I /swooned. <3

I get the pleasure of closing for the next four nights but it is worth it because I get off Sunday, Monday and Tuesday for Matts visit. :] So excited over that. /lame.

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