Friday, December 9, 2011


The spawn and I get to go back home for X-mas. SO EFFIN' EXCITED! I get to hang out with Jess, Andrea, and Beth for sure and I hope to get to see a few other people as well. Jhon is going to have the kids for X-mas which is going to be really weird for me, not being around them when they wake up that morning all full of cheer/happiness. But I get to see them all the time, it is only fair he gets time with them too. YAY for going home! I really miss it there, although, I am really looking forward to relocating to Texas and starting life with Matt. I cannot wait to be able to wake up next to him and annoy the shit out of him on a daily basis IN PERSON. I called yesterday and checked into school for the spawn. The one they are going to is apparently one of the top rated schools in the area with really high test scores and lots of parental involvement -- that makes me happy!

The addition of Hot Pink to my hair also makes me happy! Very happy indeed. Now if only I could grow out my hair a little so that something could be done with it. [APPARENTLY, it looks very butch.]

The past few days have been very trying. I have had to stop, calm myself, and proceed quite a few times as of late. I hate being so emotional. Stupid Female Hormones.  I think though, that I have them all under control and I can stop with the spazzing.

My town, which I have dubbed jesustownusa, put up its X-mas decorations. Sigggghh. I now get to see about 40 angels trumpeting all at my face when I drive home at night. What the hell man? And they have a gigantic nativity scene right in the middle of town. I don't think it is even attached to a church, it just sits there, all bright and annoying at the main crossing. Oh well, not much I can do to change their overly religious way of decorating for X-mas.

Picked up a few bottles of nail polish and a brush the other day. They are super awesome colors. China Glaze - Ruby Pumps [Blood Red sparkles!] and Orly - Androgynie [Black with little silver glitters and BIG different color glitters]. I really like how Orly nail polish goes on. Also painted the girl spawns nails all Ruby Gloom inspired. I didn't do amazing, but she liked them.

My birthday ended up being pretty fantastic even though I had to work. Matt got me a mount and a pet for WoW, which was perfect!...So much <3 -- regardless of how nerdy it is. ahah. Paula baked me a cake and then the crew at work got me a cake as well. So.Much.Cake. 
Cake from Paula.

Cake from the people at work.

Mount / Pet from Matt.

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