Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Today, I felt like a badass.
Somehow, the mailbox got knocked over again -- it was laying on the side of the road when I went to pick up the spawn from school today. It is quite essential that I am able to get mail promptly over the next few weeks. I was running late, so I just let it go and when I got back home I decided I was going to be a badass and fix it. So picture me, out on the side of the road wearing a dress and hammering rods [god that could be taken so out of context] in the ground and screwing clamps to hold it in place. I was successful. That thing is so not going anywhere for a while.  It may, or may not, look a little ghetto-fab but considering the fact that I live in rural NC -- I don't think anyone will notice.

There was so much fog this morning...
It was rather beautiful.

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