Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I am a traitor.

After much thought, mind-changing, and blatant hell-no I'm not doing it, I finally caved and started playing Star Wars the Old Republic. I logged in to play WoW tonight and it was just utterly boring.  I took the portal to Deepholm, mounted up on one of my trusty steeds, flew across the purple/pink/rocky awesomeness, arrived to check to see if Pebble was up for my rescue, and logged out. I didn't even have the patience to go do anything else. It is no fun when all my Guildies and Ex-Guildies are not on to give me shit. So, it is time for a break. Achievements will remain locked. Matt will hold his position as Number 1 for Greater Than Me for the time being. /glare.  I am really just waiting for Diablo 3 to be released anyways and then it is on. So, I am now leveling two characters in SWtOR: A Jedi Consular and a Sith Inquisitor -- which are pretty much the same thing -- only different factions and different but same spells that make things go boom.

So for now, my traitor ass will have to be content playing a game that really doesn't interest me that much but I am sure I will get sucked into the story line like the vast number of other nerds out there that just cannot stop playing it even though they complain non stop about how much they hate it. ;]

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