Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Attack of the Killer Clones

This morning when I took the spawn to school, the three vehicles in front of me were quite the scene [most likely to no one but me but just go with it] -- All White -- All the same kind of SUV -- All lined up in a row dropping their children off for school. I laughed a little when I noticed it. It was like that scene from Edward Scissorhands, where all the husbands pull out in their pastel cars from their pastel houses to go to their pastel jobs.

I am so sick of repeating myself.
I hate saying the same god damn thing a million times a day.
Don't do this. Stop doing that. Why are you doing that? Do this. Do that. 

It is frustrating.
I am so frustrated that I want to punch shit.

Deep breaths and patience I guess.
But that is really hard for someone with no patience.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dreams can go eat it. And by it, I mean, the biggest of dicks.

Why do dreams always kick you hard in the junk, even though you are fully aware that they are in fact, just dreams?

Stupid bastard dreams.

As if, I don't already feel enough like a failure at career choice life. 

I decided to take a nap when Matt headed out to band practice and the squishing of the balls [that I don't have, but somehow squishing of the vagina just isn't as humorous and sounds a little (lot?) gross] began. This dream -- in all its bastard soul crushing glory -- decided that not only was I a terrible mother and my kids hate me but also a pierced tattooed weirdo that did not deserve a job. [Even as a cab driver. Don't ask me where that came from because I have only ridden in a cab once, technically twice if you count the ride back to the original area of departure.] There were other things in this series of dreams that I can only faintly remember but they all led to a major lets facepunch Valarie as hard as we can and make her wake up feeling like a massive pile of turtle poo. [Dog poo is < Turtle poo. Just sayin'.] 

So after laying there for a few minutes, I let all the dream BS go and went and took a shower. At least, I know I am good at taking a shower. 

And now, I might go un-pack some stuff. Which, is going to end up as the following: Walk downstairs, look towards garage, grab some tea, go sit on the couch and run off the little recorder playing pain in my ass so that I can watch TV or read more of the book I am reading while I wait for Matt to get home so that I can annoy him non-stop and continue in this silly-feeling-like-a-teenager-bliss-thing that is going on.

Oh -- the two dresses that I ordered from ModCloth came in the mail today as well. I only like how one of them look on me, so most likely, I will be returning the other and getting another like the one that I like, in a different color.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

la la la

The spawn and I are spending the night at my sister's house because she is taking us to the airport tomorrow. Originally, we were going to hang out more but she forgot about taking an extra day at work a few weeks back so we got a few hours tonight and then she is going to try to get out early tomorrow. I am honestly glad that her and I decided to get to know each other, I will admit, sometimes I get jealous over how close Jessica is to her sisters and want that sisterly bond she has. Plus, I have ALWAYS wanted to be Aunt Valarie. eheh. It makes me happy eveytime one of the girls call me that. Which might make me lame, but I don't care lol. The spawn love hanging out with their cousins too. The girl spawn took right up with my second oldest niece. She has always been surrounded by boy cousins lol.

Hooray for Texas later today! Bought the spawn each a book to read and coloring books in case they get bored. I got Hunger Games for myself because Jess said it was awesome.

V, J and C Blog Challenge Four
2 - the meaning behind your blog name

I wanted something that fit me. And it just seemed to be a cool name for a blog about my daily adventures in life. Not really that deep and meaningful lawl. 

I busted my ass in my sisters kitchen. Ass, Elbow, Wrist. Oooph.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


And the U-Pack was loaded onto the truck with care...
In the hopes that my stuff isn't broke on the way there...
[Well some of that is true. He was pretty careful while I stood and watched, I am sure once he isn't being stared at, he won't be so gentle.]

Okay, so updating my blog from my phone is proving to be a royal pain. Wow. I have resorted to creating the entry as a memo and emailing it to myself to copy and paste. lol.

We will be Texas bound in almost 2 days exactly! I cannot wait. I have packed the U-Pack and they have picked it up. The suitcases are all ready. Change of address cards are finished. Etc, etc and so on. I hope I can survive without my computer lol! I did it when I first relocated, so it won't be too awful. Maybe.

The spawn wanted to go to the park today, it is a bit chilly, but they are having fun. Me, on the other hand, muchly desires to tell these two teenagers that are sucking face and fondling each other to go for a walk and commence with the make-out session not in the line of sight of little kids -- god that makes me feel old. But srsly? There are hella other places in this park than right on the edge of the play area where TeenageBoy can put his hand under TeenageGirls shirt.

Yeah, that is about all I have to say today. /shrug.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Really Blizzard, Really?

They have three damn 'holiday' events going on right now.
Now, when I need to be packing and getting everything done for my move on Saturday!

Love is in the Air, Darkmoon Faire, and Lunar Festival -- I need to grind 270 Love Tokens for a mount they released. I need to do the Darkmoon Faire dailies so that I can buy the pets and the mounts. And then there is the Lunar Festival, but I don't need anything else from that, only to pay back the 4k gold I borrowed to purchase the wrong pet, then have to re-list and get robbed on the Neutral AH, then re-purchase the correct pet. /facepalm. Oh well, I am sure it is not the last time I am going to do something completely retarded. That seems to be my thing. ;]

At least, I am having fun playing WoW again!

And I totally packed up both rooms today, so now I just have a few things left on my check list! Huzzah!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Babe with the Power.

I have repeatedly tried to create a blog post for about a week now. Every time I start to write one, I just have nothing interesting to say. Well, interesting doesn't even come into play, I just have NOTHING to say. I have been trying to get things done for the move that is coming up very soon. I am super stoked about that and honestly very nervous as well. I am not very behind with what needs to be done though, even with my finishing all the available seasons of Vampire Diaries on Netflix and plowing through some Buffy, so that is a plus.

V, C & J Blog Challenge Three
10 - songs you listen to when you are happy, sad, bored, hyped, mad.

I can't really pick just one for most of these categories, especially happy or hyped. But here are some that I listen to in any random mood. My playlist is actually pretty random and possibly a little weird. It includes: Rob Zombie - Living Dead Girl, Orthodox Celts - Star of the County Down, The Black Keys - The Only One, Hole - Doll Parts, Misfits - Skulls, Mumford and Sons - Little Lion Man, Marilyn Manson - Tourniquet (favorite Manson song), Sublime - Scarlet Begonias (favorite Sublime song), Band of Skulls - Light of the Morning, Type O Negative - Black No 1, The Charlie Daniels Band - The Devil Went Down to Georgia, Alice In Chains - Nutshell, and Third Eye Blind - How's It Gonna Be.

The Pogues - Dirty Old Town