Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Attack of the Killer Clones

This morning when I took the spawn to school, the three vehicles in front of me were quite the scene [most likely to no one but me but just go with it] -- All White -- All the same kind of SUV -- All lined up in a row dropping their children off for school. I laughed a little when I noticed it. It was like that scene from Edward Scissorhands, where all the husbands pull out in their pastel cars from their pastel houses to go to their pastel jobs.

I am so sick of repeating myself.
I hate saying the same god damn thing a million times a day.
Don't do this. Stop doing that. Why are you doing that? Do this. Do that. 

It is frustrating.
I am so frustrated that I want to punch shit.

Deep breaths and patience I guess.
But that is really hard for someone with no patience.

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