Saturday, February 11, 2012

la la la

The spawn and I are spending the night at my sister's house because she is taking us to the airport tomorrow. Originally, we were going to hang out more but she forgot about taking an extra day at work a few weeks back so we got a few hours tonight and then she is going to try to get out early tomorrow. I am honestly glad that her and I decided to get to know each other, I will admit, sometimes I get jealous over how close Jessica is to her sisters and want that sisterly bond she has. Plus, I have ALWAYS wanted to be Aunt Valarie. eheh. It makes me happy eveytime one of the girls call me that. Which might make me lame, but I don't care lol. The spawn love hanging out with their cousins too. The girl spawn took right up with my second oldest niece. She has always been surrounded by boy cousins lol.

Hooray for Texas later today! Bought the spawn each a book to read and coloring books in case they get bored. I got Hunger Games for myself because Jess said it was awesome.

V, J and C Blog Challenge Four
2 - the meaning behind your blog name

I wanted something that fit me. And it just seemed to be a cool name for a blog about my daily adventures in life. Not really that deep and meaningful lawl. 

I busted my ass in my sisters kitchen. Ass, Elbow, Wrist. Oooph.

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~Jessica said...

I think your blog name fits your personality quite well. And I'm glad you got to know your sister :)