Monday, February 6, 2012


Really Blizzard, Really?

They have three damn 'holiday' events going on right now.
Now, when I need to be packing and getting everything done for my move on Saturday!

Love is in the Air, Darkmoon Faire, and Lunar Festival -- I need to grind 270 Love Tokens for a mount they released. I need to do the Darkmoon Faire dailies so that I can buy the pets and the mounts. And then there is the Lunar Festival, but I don't need anything else from that, only to pay back the 4k gold I borrowed to purchase the wrong pet, then have to re-list and get robbed on the Neutral AH, then re-purchase the correct pet. /facepalm. Oh well, I am sure it is not the last time I am going to do something completely retarded. That seems to be my thing. ;]

At least, I am having fun playing WoW again!

And I totally packed up both rooms today, so now I just have a few things left on my check list! Huzzah!

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