Thursday, February 9, 2012


And the U-Pack was loaded onto the truck with care...
In the hopes that my stuff isn't broke on the way there...
[Well some of that is true. He was pretty careful while I stood and watched, I am sure once he isn't being stared at, he won't be so gentle.]

Okay, so updating my blog from my phone is proving to be a royal pain. Wow. I have resorted to creating the entry as a memo and emailing it to myself to copy and paste. lol.

We will be Texas bound in almost 2 days exactly! I cannot wait. I have packed the U-Pack and they have picked it up. The suitcases are all ready. Change of address cards are finished. Etc, etc and so on. I hope I can survive without my computer lol! I did it when I first relocated, so it won't be too awful. Maybe.

The spawn wanted to go to the park today, it is a bit chilly, but they are having fun. Me, on the other hand, muchly desires to tell these two teenagers that are sucking face and fondling each other to go for a walk and commence with the make-out session not in the line of sight of little kids -- god that makes me feel old. But srsly? There are hella other places in this park than right on the edge of the play area where TeenageBoy can put his hand under TeenageGirls shirt.

Yeah, that is about all I have to say today. /shrug.

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