Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Annnnnddd cut.

So, I finally got to see The Hunger Games.

Quite possibly because I built it up so much in my head or because I had just read the books, but I was really disappointed. Not saying that it was terrible, because it wasn't, at all. I just think it could have been a bit better.

  And here are reasons why I disliked it...
  • I hadn't been excited over who they cast for Peeta since the first trailer I watched, but actually seeing him IN it was even worse. 
  • President Snow wasn't who I was picturing at all while reading the books.
  • Caesar Flickerman? Really? I actually LIKED how his personality was portrayed but what in the fuck was up with his hair? Couldn't they have picked an un-bald-irl man so that it didn't look like his 'hair' was one of those weird rubber halloween wigs.
  • The Mutations at the end -- FAIL. "In the 74th Hunger Games, the Gamemakers released a pack of wolf-like creatures on the final three tributesKatniss EverdeenPeeta Mellark, and Cato. These creatures were able to balance on their hind legs and jump very high, and had four-inch long razor-sharp claws. Each of the mutts resembled one of the tributes who had died previously in the Games, had a collar marked with the district number of the tribute it was based off of, and had eyes that looked remarkably human. It became apparent that the dead tributes' DNA was mixed with a form of wolf." NONE of which was in the mutts in the movie. [Source.]
  • The shaky-bouncy-constant-terrible movement on close up fights so that you couldn't even tell what was going on was really fucking annoying as well. And that doesn't normally bother me.
  • They never really explained why it was called The Hunger Games. And other details were left out that just made you guess about things.
Reasons why I LIKED it...
  • I loved most everyone cast in it. My favorites were Rue, Cinna, and Effie Trinket. They honestly did a really good job of casting every one of the Tributes but Peeta.
  • The Capitol was what I was picturing almost exactly, from the people to the food to the city.
  • The scene where Katniss gets pissed because no one is paying attention to her shooting skills -- wicked. One of my favorites by far.
  • I loved the chariot scene where Katniss and Peeta's outfits are aflame. It was epic.
  • The fire scene in the arena when Katniss strayed too far with all the walls of flame, the fireballs, etc was just amazing.
  • When Rue died -- I admit -- I teared up as she placed the flowers and did the salute and District 11 started rebelling.

I dunno, I don't want to complain about it, even though I totally did, because it was decent. Just not what I was expecting but then BOOKS are ALWAYS better than movies.

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