Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Here's your basket of kisses.

I haven't been in a blogging mood lately, which is apparently the case with a lot of people it seems. Well, people that I follow anyways.

Hopefully today I wake up in time for Matt and I to go see The Hunger Games. I am not sure what is wrong with me but I cannot wake up and get shit done that I very much desire to. I woke up one day at 7am and was productive [and also hella crabby by the end of it lawl] but that is about it. I guess really it is that I have things to do but none of them are super important and HAVE to be done so I am in no rush. It would be nice to get the shelves I want for DVD's made though. /shrug. Also, my emotions are in sudden death overtime the past few days, and I am hella edgy at the slightest thing. One of the top reasons why being a girl fucking sucks? Hormones. PASS on all that. Plskthxbai.

Yesterday after I picked the spawn up from school as we were coming in the door, the boy stopped and spazzed when he saw a lizard. I tried to shoo the little lizard away and in the process it jumped on me and proceeded to violate me. LOL. It landed on my neck/chest when it first decided to do acrobatics and ran down my boob. I thought it had fallen to the ground and was about to head inside when I looked down and it jumped to the ground. It had moved over to the other boob and was just hanging out like it owned the place. Some of the lizards that are out on the brick are really neat looking. Speckled. I tried to get a picture last night when I ran out for Starbucks but my ninja skillz need work.

We caught up with Mad Men the night before the new season started. Now that we are all caught up with Mad Men, we are watching Game of Thrones, which is pretty badass. Favorite characters so far are Daenerys and Drogo.  We only have 2 more episodes left to be done with the first season. TRUE BLOOD SOON! I've already watched True Blood but I can't wait to watch it again. Definitely one of my favorite shows.

I've gotten back into WoW a lot the past week. Farmed 2 more mounts from Halaa. The Halaa Battle Tokens proved to be SUPER easy to farm but the Oshu'gun Crystal Powder Sample took a while. Hella Netherweave cloth, BC greens, and Super Mana Potions later, I have 2 new mounts [That I will most likely never ride unless I am showing off mounts that I have that someone else doesn't] -- Dark War Talbuk and Dark Riding Talbuk. Anddddd ONLY have one more day on Pebble! wo0t. Matt turned me on to Auctionator -- GOD DAMN I am a fool for not listening to him sooner about that. Listing auctions has never been easier, not to mention kind of fun. lol.

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Twinkle said...

lizards on your boob? I would DIE. yucktastic!