Saturday, March 3, 2012


Cupcakes incoming.

I am trying a frosting recipe from here. I really love some of the foods that Emma posts on her blog, Food Coma. Hopefully it turns out right.

Today, I didn't accomplish anything that I wanted to really. I re-hung the two posters in my computer room, called a number I needed to, and went to lunch with Matt. I did manage to get out of bed at 11am after having nightmares all night. Let's chalk that up to eating chili that decided to invade not only my stomach, but my mind. I managed to take a nap after picking The Spawn up from school, and thus, made them miss Tae Kwon Do. 'Oops.' 

I started filling out a FAFSA application yesterday. I don't know what to do about it really. I missed the deadline [it was actually yesterday] for one of the schools near here and the other one I just don't want to talk about. Eh, whatever. It will all work out.

For all of the outdoor planter ideas I have found, this is by far the most badass. I think I might try it. [Well, lets be honest here, I WOULD LOVE to try it. But, I lack the motivation to do much of anything. Maybe I will try to make it though.]

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