Monday, April 30, 2012

Everybody's an idiot...

I never used to like SpongeBob SquarePants.
I thought it was completely ridiculous.

But, it has a way of growing on you or something.
[It might possibly be that my spawn LOVED it and watched it on repeat.]

I quote it randomly. My favorite quote is..
"Everyone's an idiot except for me." (I quote it a little wrong I guess.)

SpongeBob SquarePants: [Snowboarding] Hey, Sandy! Watch me do the Grouchy Squidward. 

Squidward: Stop naming moves after me. 

SpongeBob SquarePants: [Imitating Squidward] Everybody's an idiot except me. 

Squidward: Well, it's true. 

I tried to find it on youtube so I could let Matt listen to it, but it's apparently not that funny to others.  Google + Netflix = w1n!


I forgot to put on sun block yesterday when I was outside at Arbor Daze to see Matt's band play. So now my once utterly pasty chest is now red and painful. Pwnd. Sometimes, it sucks being so pasty. But I dig on the pale skin, dark hair so I am not planning on hittin' up a tanning bed OR letting the sun make even more sweet love to my chest anytime soon, well, without protection.

I still have yet to do anything that I want to get done. I was bored Saturday night and played around with some embroidery thread. I love WHAT I made, just not how it looks on the wall. I have plans for it though.

I am going to actually get something done this week.


I hope?

Friday, April 27, 2012


Due to my waking up late this morning, the spawn were an hour and a half late for school. Normally, this would stress me out. But since moving to Texas, they have been late once so I don't think another time is going to cause any major chaos.

Recently, I started watching the show Restaurant Impossible. I really like it. It takes struggling restaurants, redecorates them, fixes menu and food problems, sometimes cleans up disgusting kitchen messes, and addresses management issues. Anyways, we watched one the other night about The Trails Eatery in San Diego. The place wasn't badly decorated to begin with, it had this whole vintage feel. But in the redecoration, they did the following which I really love. They nailed Mixa 3-piece kitchen utensils to the wall. These things come in a 3 pack for .49 cents and just lookin ballin' as wall decoration. What a cool idea. I am thinking about getting a bunch for a wall above the windows in the kitchen, painting them colors to match my vintage pyrex, and using them when we take down the wall paper.

Matt and I made new characters on WoW last night. I wanted a toon so that I can farm some herbs and ore, because as it is,  I seldom farm anything and burn through tons of gold at expansion time buying ore for training. Normally, I hate Taurens. I am more of a Female Blood Elf or Female Goblin kind of girl, but Tauren Druids are the best for this. They don't pop out of flight form, which saves a lot of time. So here is Mehturt. Which, might possibly appear to be the lamest name I have ever created, but, since I refrained from naming her Candytaint, google helped me out the best way it could. Mehturt is -- "An Egyptian sky-goddess, represented as a colossal cow, with the sun disk between her horns, lying on a mat of reeds. She is the personification of that part of the sky wherein the sun rises, and also of that part of it in which he takes his daily course; Re proceeded in his solar barque across her belly. She was early regarded as the waterway of the heavens, but later she came to be equated with the primeval waters from which reemerged. This earned her the epithet 'mother of Re'. Her name means "Great Flood"." Apparently, Mehturt is one of the names for Hathor. I found this quite fitting actually -- "Hathor is the sky goddess of love, beauty and motherhood. She is also the goddess of mining, foreign lands, and music."  Anyways, here is Mehturt in all her big cow glory...

Anyways, that is all I have. Going to go lay down, this anti-inflammatory medicine is really jackin' my tummy.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I have plans for Hobby Lobby today. They have 50% off of all wood and metal accents. wo0t! Also, if it isn't over doing it, I am going to head over to a thrift store that I haven't ever been to.

Yesterday I had the foot doctor appointment. He diagnosed my foot woes as Plantar Fasciitis.
Plantar fasciitis (PF) is a painful inflammatory process of the plantar fascia, the connective tissue on the sole (bottom surface) of the foot. It is often caused by overuse of the plantar fascia or arch tendon of the foot. It is a very common condition and can be difficult to treat if not looked after properly. Another common term for the affliction is "policeman's heel".[1]
Let me just say, I wanted to kill a man. He gave me the choice between a cortisone shot or a prescription for cortisone. I opted for the shot because it would act faster. I wasn't thrilled about the shot, I never am. For having all of these piercings, [and for having had about 21 piercings at one time point or another in my life] and tattoos, I HATE SHOTS. I get shit like -- "You have all those piercings, its the same a shot."...HELL NO IT ISN'T. lol. But anyways, he proceeded to put on the stuff that is supposed to numb it, which didn't work. And HO LE CHIT! That is the most intense pain I have ever felt. I almost threw up on him AND I yelled a string of obscenities that I later apologized for. I am sure he hears worse than what came his way from me, what with him torturing people with foot needles all day, but I still felt like I should apologize. lol He gave me directions to stretch my foot every morning 3 or 4 times before getting out of bed with a resistance band, to roll my foot with cold [Freeze a water bottle, put something between my foot and bottle, and just roll my foot on it while watching tv or on the computer/etc.] 2 or 3 times a day, and a list of stretches I need to be doing. Also a prescription for Celebrex, which is making me nauseous. I don't know why I listed all of that shit, I guess I felt like oversharing this morning. /shrug.

BUT! I woke up this morning and did my stretches and my foot is feeling a million times better. I literally had zero pain when I got out of the bed, and for the past 2 or 3 weeks, I have wanted to cry when doing so.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I have plans damnit!
They do not include being this chubby.
And they do not include not being able to exercise because of constant foot pain.

So at 10:15 this morning, I am making a trip to see a podiatrist. Hopefully that will help with the above. Hopefully it is easily fixable and doesn't require surgery. AND hopefully the body building doctor I have to see isn't going to be a douche over just how chubby I am. Because I am FULLY aware, it ain't easy cartin' this badboy around. /points to stomach.

I was browsing this blog this morning..and she posted a link to a  Zombie Infested 5k Zombie Obstacle Course. How fucking badass would that be? There is one in Austin [Which apparently I HAVE to go visit because it is THE place for my weird strange kind.] that would be fun to aim for maybe in 2 years, because let's face it. I have A LOT of weight to lose. That shit definitely goes on faster than it wants to come off. [Curse you midnight Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Therapy!!] 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When you're walking down the road...

I don't know why it popped into my head, but right before bed last night, I got the diarrhea song in my head. [note that sweet rhyme!] So I asked Matt if he was too old to know what I was talking about. [He is only 6 years older than me, but I am forever giving him shit about being older than dirt and dinosaurs and needing a diaper and /insertrandomoldpersonjokehere.] Of course he did, so after heading upstairs, and retiring the three or four that are NORMAL,  [ie. When you're climbing up a ladder and you hear something splatter: Diarrhea, Diarrhea.] we went off on a crazy hour long tangent of making up the most retarded ones possible. By the time we were both stupid with tired, they just completely made no sense. I think my favorite one of all time was Matt creating one with the word chode just for me, because chode is one of my FAVORITE words. [I mean, come on, chode is an awesome word.] I really wish I could remember it, but alas, that is what I get for staying up entirely too late watching Mad Men.

I decided to google 'diarrhea song' this morning and I found the following link -- hahah. Epic.

So yeah, making up lyrics to the diarrhea song at 3 am in methane cuddle induced delirium makes me realize even more just how awesome my boyfriend is and how rad it is to have someone to be completely retarded with whenever I want. [Which just happens to be most of the time.] :]

Friday, April 20, 2012


One of the girls in the book club I am in posted the following link -- Interview with Charlaine Harris on her new book Deadlocked & HBO's True Blood. I cannot wait for that book to be out. The Southern Vampire Series is by far my favorite book series. I cannot remember if I started reading it because of True Blood or vice versa. But, the books are by far WAY better than the TV Show. I recently re-watched Season 1-3 with Matt and some parts of it just really annoyed me. lol. I remember it being AMAZING the first time I watched it. I don't know what happened there. But back to the book series -- SO EXCITED over the following --  Because I thought that this was indeed the last book to the series. Score!
"8. There have been rumors of the books leading to a finale in the Sookie Stackhouse series. Any comments on that? It must be hard to have to bring to a close something so darkly beautiful and graceful or to even think about it. Or will they go on forever much like the immortal vampire?
Charlaine Harris: DEADLOCKED is not the last book in the series. The 2013 book will be the last Sookie. I’ve told all the story of Sookie I have to tell. I don’t want to let her down by extending the series for too long. "

So this week I tried to eat healthier, stop drinking soda, and exercise more. I managed to stop drinking soda, ate a bit healthier [RIP Icecream at midnight], and walked 3 of the 5 days the spawn had school. I may end up walking over the weekend, not sure yet. My walking buddy wants too lol. I, however, dunno yet.

Out of the other goals I set -- I really only sort of accomplished 2 of them, if that. I cooked Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday, I was going to, but the spawn did get their Yellow Belts in TKD and we were out late so eh, screw cooking.  I, may or may not, cook tonight. Matt isn't going to be home so eh. I also managed to farm up some gold and we have one or two more days of Ogrila dailies to get exalted. [Thanks to Matt for logging in and doing them for me last night when I was being lazy and laying in bed.] 

Monday, April 16, 2012


Might I just SCREAM how excited I am that Diablo 3 will be here May 15th? Matt got a beta invite [better late than never yeah?] and I have been playing it. I am so overly in love with the Witch Doctor it is not even funny. Throwing jars of spiders at mobs and watching as they kersplode? Yes please. And...AND...The Demon Hunter. What? BADASS. At first, I thought it was hella boring. But dropping traps and doing acrobatics out of harms way = too much fun.  I cannot wait to play. CAN! NOT! WAIT!

Why does every day need to be a fashion show for the girl spawn? This morning, it was a battle with her over what she was to wear to school. She came downstairs in the outfit she had on yesterday, and quite possibly the day before. I told her to go put on the purple dress that she picked out from Kohl's and a tantrum ensued. [I guess I should ask --  'Why does every day need to be a tantrum filled fashion show?' instead of the above.] So we spent a good 15 minutes battling it out over what she was to wear.  SIGH!

Today was the first day of me walking them to school. I decided a few days ago that I have gained entirely too much weight and that I need to start exercising more and eating healthier. I would like to say I was doing so well with my weight loss/healthier diet/exercise before but truth be told, I wasn't doing it the most healthy way, and KNEW that I would eventually fail and gain back some of what I lost. And it just so happens that I gained about 28 pounds back. WhatTheWhat. 28 pounds looks so much better OFF than on, just sayin'. So yeah, walking the spawn to school from now on out. I also met one of Jhon's classmates moms on my walk home this morning. We talked and decided to meet up every morning to walk together and from taking them to school. We are also going to take the LONG way back so as to maximize the exercise experience. [lawl.] It will be nice having some one to walk with. I hate flying solo.

I have quite a few things I would like to get done..
  1. Finish Painting little table in garage.
  2. Build my shelves for DVDs.
  3. Adhere to my schedule for house work
  4. Cook 5 days a week. [I even made a 'menu'. Let's see how much I follow that.]
  5. Refinish the 2 ?end tables? that are in the garage.
  6. Blog daily and bore whoever reads this to no end.
  7. Farm as much gold as possible in WoW, get exalted with Ogrila and GET THAT DAMN POLAR BEAR MOUNT. X-\
But yeah. Theres my post for the day.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stuff and Things

Ran to Hobby Lobby today to pick up something for a friend and found this...

Which I think is just completely badass. Once I get the shelves for the DVD's made, I will find a place for it on them. 

Finally getting around to posting pictures of the table that Jessica and I re-done when she was here on her visit last month. I kept forgetting to buy chalk so that I could write something on it. Matt had this table in the garage and it was kind of a mess. It had a few stains on the top we had to sand off. Painted it teal because teal is awesome! and did the chalkboard top. Chalkboard tables are freakin' badass.

Close-Up of it.

Different lighting in the garage before I used chalk on it.

Monday, April 2, 2012

WoW Nerdage.

Currently my Pally wears the Judgement Set.

I am highly considering trying to farm up some other transmog sets. I really like the following a lot. /shrug. Less Human in the images below. More Blood Elf. IMO.

Conqueror's Aegis Battlegear