Monday, April 16, 2012


Might I just SCREAM how excited I am that Diablo 3 will be here May 15th? Matt got a beta invite [better late than never yeah?] and I have been playing it. I am so overly in love with the Witch Doctor it is not even funny. Throwing jars of spiders at mobs and watching as they kersplode? Yes please. And...AND...The Demon Hunter. What? BADASS. At first, I thought it was hella boring. But dropping traps and doing acrobatics out of harms way = too much fun.  I cannot wait to play. CAN! NOT! WAIT!

Why does every day need to be a fashion show for the girl spawn? This morning, it was a battle with her over what she was to wear to school. She came downstairs in the outfit she had on yesterday, and quite possibly the day before. I told her to go put on the purple dress that she picked out from Kohl's and a tantrum ensued. [I guess I should ask --  'Why does every day need to be a tantrum filled fashion show?' instead of the above.] So we spent a good 15 minutes battling it out over what she was to wear.  SIGH!

Today was the first day of me walking them to school. I decided a few days ago that I have gained entirely too much weight and that I need to start exercising more and eating healthier. I would like to say I was doing so well with my weight loss/healthier diet/exercise before but truth be told, I wasn't doing it the most healthy way, and KNEW that I would eventually fail and gain back some of what I lost. And it just so happens that I gained about 28 pounds back. WhatTheWhat. 28 pounds looks so much better OFF than on, just sayin'. So yeah, walking the spawn to school from now on out. I also met one of Jhon's classmates moms on my walk home this morning. We talked and decided to meet up every morning to walk together and from taking them to school. We are also going to take the LONG way back so as to maximize the exercise experience. [lawl.] It will be nice having some one to walk with. I hate flying solo.

I have quite a few things I would like to get done..
  1. Finish Painting little table in garage.
  2. Build my shelves for DVDs.
  3. Adhere to my schedule for house work
  4. Cook 5 days a week. [I even made a 'menu'. Let's see how much I follow that.]
  5. Refinish the 2 ?end tables? that are in the garage.
  6. Blog daily and bore whoever reads this to no end.
  7. Farm as much gold as possible in WoW, get exalted with Ogrila and GET THAT DAMN POLAR BEAR MOUNT. X-\
But yeah. Theres my post for the day.

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