Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I have plans damnit!
They do not include being this chubby.
And they do not include not being able to exercise because of constant foot pain.

So at 10:15 this morning, I am making a trip to see a podiatrist. Hopefully that will help with the above. Hopefully it is easily fixable and doesn't require surgery. AND hopefully the body building doctor I have to see isn't going to be a douche over just how chubby I am. Because I am FULLY aware, it ain't easy cartin' this badboy around. /points to stomach.

I was browsing this blog this morning..and she posted a link to a  Zombie Infested 5k Zombie Obstacle Course. How fucking badass would that be? There is one in Austin [Which apparently I HAVE to go visit because it is THE place for my weird strange kind.] that would be fun to aim for maybe in 2 years, because let's face it. I have A LOT of weight to lose. That shit definitely goes on faster than it wants to come off. [Curse you midnight Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Therapy!!] 


Em said...

I'm also not where I want to be weight wise...I also REALLY enjoy chocolate!

-V said...

I love chocolate. But not all the time. Sometimes though, I get the overwhelming NEED for chocolate cake. LOL And well, like I said in the post, Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Therapy is hands down, the best icecream ever. It is like a chocolate explosion of awesome in your mouth.