Friday, April 27, 2012


Due to my waking up late this morning, the spawn were an hour and a half late for school. Normally, this would stress me out. But since moving to Texas, they have been late once so I don't think another time is going to cause any major chaos.

Recently, I started watching the show Restaurant Impossible. I really like it. It takes struggling restaurants, redecorates them, fixes menu and food problems, sometimes cleans up disgusting kitchen messes, and addresses management issues. Anyways, we watched one the other night about The Trails Eatery in San Diego. The place wasn't badly decorated to begin with, it had this whole vintage feel. But in the redecoration, they did the following which I really love. They nailed Mixa 3-piece kitchen utensils to the wall. These things come in a 3 pack for .49 cents and just lookin ballin' as wall decoration. What a cool idea. I am thinking about getting a bunch for a wall above the windows in the kitchen, painting them colors to match my vintage pyrex, and using them when we take down the wall paper.

Matt and I made new characters on WoW last night. I wanted a toon so that I can farm some herbs and ore, because as it is,  I seldom farm anything and burn through tons of gold at expansion time buying ore for training. Normally, I hate Taurens. I am more of a Female Blood Elf or Female Goblin kind of girl, but Tauren Druids are the best for this. They don't pop out of flight form, which saves a lot of time. So here is Mehturt. Which, might possibly appear to be the lamest name I have ever created, but, since I refrained from naming her Candytaint, google helped me out the best way it could. Mehturt is -- "An Egyptian sky-goddess, represented as a colossal cow, with the sun disk between her horns, lying on a mat of reeds. She is the personification of that part of the sky wherein the sun rises, and also of that part of it in which he takes his daily course; Re proceeded in his solar barque across her belly. She was early regarded as the waterway of the heavens, but later she came to be equated with the primeval waters from which reemerged. This earned her the epithet 'mother of Re'. Her name means "Great Flood"." Apparently, Mehturt is one of the names for Hathor. I found this quite fitting actually -- "Hathor is the sky goddess of love, beauty and motherhood. She is also the goddess of mining, foreign lands, and music."  Anyways, here is Mehturt in all her big cow glory...

Anyways, that is all I have. Going to go lay down, this anti-inflammatory medicine is really jackin' my tummy.

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