Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stuff and Things

Ran to Hobby Lobby today to pick up something for a friend and found this...

Which I think is just completely badass. Once I get the shelves for the DVD's made, I will find a place for it on them. 

Finally getting around to posting pictures of the table that Jessica and I re-done when she was here on her visit last month. I kept forgetting to buy chalk so that I could write something on it. Matt had this table in the garage and it was kind of a mess. It had a few stains on the top we had to sand off. Painted it teal because teal is awesome! and did the chalkboard top. Chalkboard tables are freakin' badass.

Close-Up of it.

Different lighting in the garage before I used chalk on it.

I also found something else in the garage I decided to re-do. It only took me forever because well, I am lazy. And lack motivation at times. /shrug.

It is so PURPLE!

With the girl spawn's stuff and things.

Before I painted it.

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i like stuff... and things