Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jump Around

I have to go turn in my application fee and take a test for Le Cordon Bleu at 11 today.
AHHHH! Test? What?! No. 
I am such a terrible taker. Although, from what I've looked up, this shouldn't be that bad and I REALLY should stop stressing myself out over it. I couldn't sleep last night, or this morning after dropping the spawn off to school. If I went up now and tried to sleep, I could maybe get 10 minutes of sleep? ahah Not worth it. 

On a side note, I am hungry. Gloria Jeans Hazelnut Coffee with creamer isn't cutting it. Sigh! 

I must of tried on like 20 dresses last week trying to find a few cute ones. None of them made me extremely happy. I am going to go find a few later today if it kills me. I have a few other places to try so we will see what comes of that. I love dresses, but damnit, none of them love me.


House of Pain - Jump Around

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Friday my spawn go to spend the summer with their dad. They will be gone 2 months and 22 days, not that I am counting or anything.

I am kind of losing my shit over this.

They drive me completely batshit most of the time, but I cannot live without them. They are my world.

I am trying really hard not to let it stress me out. I know that they miss their dad and are super excited to see him since they haven't since December. And it will give Matt and I time alone together which will be amazing.


I will miss them and will feel lost without them.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I ended up liking the Le Cordon Bleu school and applying!! I am still having a few moments of doubt -- will I be able to handle it, will I like it, what will I do with it after I finish the course, how am I going to juggle daily life being a girlfriend and a mother in school trying to accomplish other things as well, etc. And the Admissions guy was kind of a douche with his snide little comments but it went well.

If all goes right, I will be starting July 10th.

Sweet Genius?

This Past Weekend 

-The Hunger Games [again] with the girl spawn. I told her if she read the books I would take her to see the movie. She really liked the movie and wasn't terribly thrilled over a few of the changes they made either but loved it none the less.
-Nursing the girl spawn through a TERRIBLE sunburn she got on a field trip. Ergggh. I am still a lot pissed off over this. I guess next year if I let her go to the choir competition then I will chaperone so that I know she is getting sunblock when needed and drinking enough water. 
-Listening to the guys practice on Saturday for a gig they have on this coming Saturday. I am excited over a few songs they are going to play, although, some of them are extremely lame. ;]
-16 hour D3 Binge haha. Lissa, Matt, and I are now level 38 and on NM Mode. Since we couldn't go anywhere on Saturday because of the girl spawns sunburn, I played quite a bit, then when they went to bed it was on even more LOL. 


-Drinking coffee and eating an english muffin with nutella. Mmmm.
-Touring the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Art School of Dallas. And then figuring out which I like better of the two that are available here. I am really excited over the fact that I am going to go to school for this. I know it isn't going to be easy. I am going to get frustrated and probably want to quit. My frustration levels shoot off the charts sometimes. LOL
-Matt and I decided to replace one meal a day with a salad until the spawn go to their dads for the summer, then we are going to replace two meals a day with a salad. As much as the girl spawn loves salad, she isn't cool with eating it for 2 meals ahah. And the boy spawn is so utterly picky if I did that to him, he wouldn't eat. So far, I have been doing it since Saturday, unintentionally. We decided Sunday night that we wanted to do this. Lets just say the scale hasn't been very nice lately and we both are unhappy with the numbers that have gradually been rising.


The Rolling Stones - Angie

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oh Em Gee.

4 things...

1.)  Diablo 3 released on Tuesday. And after MANY MANNNYY Errors, it is finally working properly. I don't understand why they spend 12 years making a game, only to not allow for the insane amount of people who are going to log in and cause server crashes. Siggghhh. Blizzard -- Get it right, for fuck's sake. Oh well. DUDE! It is so badass. Loved one of the Dungeons/Levels/Quests?[Not sure what to call it.] It is this crazy medieval torture chamber! Wednesday, I decided I just HAD to have the D3 Collector's Edition. I had been throwing the idea around of wanting it -- well, it sunk in that I needed-had to have it-or die. Matt and I spent quite a long time calling and searching for one and finally found it at Game Stop. Terrible picture of me holding it below. So yeah, to say I've been MIA because of it would be a true statement.

2.) I went and toured the Culinary Art Institute of Dallas. I liked it. I have a meeting to tour the other Culinary Art School in Dallas, Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts on Tuesday. I have went through a lot of emotions over it the past few days -- unsure about the drive, trepidation over if in fact I can do this, worry about the commitment, and utter excitement over the possiblity that I am actually going to do this. 

3.) CHECK OUT THIS LIZARD! He[or She] lives in our tree out by the fence. Mega Awesome doesn't even begin to explain this lizard. I got pretty close to it the other day, normally it runs like a motha up out of site. The boy spawn and I stood there watching it trying to get close enough to take a picture and it did the whole "you can't see me because I am a branch duhhhh." thing the other day. I dig him/her.

4.) Fifty Shades Of Grey by E L James. Wow. I stayed up until 530 am the other morning when I had to be up at 7am to get the spawn off to school. /tired. I am almost done with the first one, then on to the second one.

And the song? One of my favorites...

Rob Zombie - Living Dead Girl

Monday, May 14, 2012

D3 Tomorrow!

Yesterday was pretty rad even though I am not that big a fan of Mother's Day. [I don't like Valentine's Day, St. Patricks Day(maybe if I drank more?), Sweetest Day, Easter(although I enjoy, dying eggs with the spawn and making them baskets), etc either lol. I do however, dig on Halloween, Thanksgiving, and X-Mas. Oh and I love other people's birthdays!] The Spawn were pretty awesome, they didn't fight over where I picked for lunch, didn't fight with ordering something, AND they made me some pretty cute gifts. [Love when they make me stuff.] We went to El Fenix. The flautas from there are awesome, and the only thing I've ever gotten lol. As we were ready to leave, the waitress brought out a sopapilla for me for Mother's Day and then 2 little sopapillas for the Spawn shaped like little people. They were adorable. Way to go El Fenix for rockin' even more!

Today, I have the meeting at the Culinary Art Institute of Dallas to check out the school. I am excited and kinda ... eh? I hope that the drive doesn't suck and that the school is what I want, etc.

Diablo 3 tomorrow bitches! Well, technically at midnight tonight! ahah. Sleep deprivation here Matt and I come!! /cannotwait.

Matt says that I need to blog more -- more specifically that he quit reading because he checked back for a few days in a row and I hadn't updated so he stopped checking. So I am going to TRY to update this mother every day. I am going to fail. lol.

Type O Negative - Black No. 1

Friday, May 11, 2012


Exercise always makes me feel amazing. I wish I wasn't so lazy, so I could do more of it lol. I met up with my friend and we walked the spawn to school this morning like we were doing a few weeks back before I hurt the foot. Exercise just feels good. It wakes me up, even when I am DREADING heading out that door. We didn't do much this morning because her husband came with and wasn't feeling well, just walked for 25 minutes but I guess I should start small and see how all goes with the foot woes. [RHYME!] Although, on the other hand, I want to go crazy with it all so I can drop quite a bit of weight before Vegas because I have a nifty little cupcake tattoo in mind!

I finally decorated a little, if it could be called decorating. Most people probably won't like it. Or get it. Not that there is anything to get really. But I think it is bad ass. I have a slight addiction to metal  (pretty sure it is wrought iron, but shit, I dunno if it is or not so yeah, I am just going to say metal.) lately.  I also bought some really awesome metal (again, they look like wrought iron, they feel like wrought iron, so they must be wrought iron?) Spoon and Fork that hang in the dining room. Oh...and tons of little metal signs(zombie one, a vampire one, PWN in metal letters). I love metal signs. But those ones aren't hanging anywhere.

I am HOPEFULLY going to head out later today and get a Keurig, we will see if the aforementioned laziness issues interfere with this. I have wanted one for the longest time. I got to use Corynn's when I went back to Chicago last X-Mas and took a side trip and met her. I don't drink enough coffee for making a whole pot. So a Keurig is pretty ideal. We will see how it works. I can make tea as well. Maybe some chamomile tea will help with my sleeping issues? Yeah, probably not.

Diablo III in 4 days!!! I am excited! I got to raid a little this week in WoW, that was fun. I miss raiding sometimes. And I was sure I wasn't ever going to get to eradicate Deathwing for real (not in raid finder) this expansion but lo and behold my friend asked me to tag along. Upgrades galore!

Song for today...


Wednesday, May 9, 2012


When I got back from dropping the spawn off at school today, the first thing to hit me when I walked in the door was the smell of Cinnamon Raisin Toast. Mmm. The girl spawn and I both had it for breakfast. She burnt the first two slices. haha Oops. We tried to get the boy spawn to eat it, but he prefers cereal. Or Nutella. Mmmm. Nutella.

On Monday, Matt and I are going to tour the Art Institute of Dallas. I am looking into attending the Baking and Pastry Program starting October. I have been considering going to Culinary Art School for the past 12 years. I checked into the  Culinary Art Institute of Chicago back when the girl spawn was born but never actually went through with it. I think it is finally TIME. I am excited to go tour the school. Who knows? I might not choose to go there. But at least I am FINALLY taking the initiative. 

I have decided my blog needs more music. So every time I post, unless I forget (which may happen because according to the girl spawn, I am old!), I am going to add a youtube video everyday of a random song I like.

Lake of Fire - Nirvana (Unplugged Version)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sleepy? Yes, definitely.

I stayed up entirely too late last night reading a book and talking to one of my oldest friends. I also took the herbal sleep aid I take way too late. So now I am sitting here fighting the urge to go crawl back in bed, which I know is a battle I am going to lose as soon as I get back from dropping the spawn off at school.

Yesterday, I got bored. 

Very bored. And as a result -- I re-arranged the garage. I have wanted to finish the 4  or 5 paint projects I have out there for a while now but the clutter in there drove me a little batshit anytime I went out there to do so. When we moved here we brought a bunch of stuff with us in a U-Pack and the majority of it that isn't unpacked [action figures and vintage pyrex] is sitting in plastic bins but they were towering in the middle of the garage, now they are all in a neat pile along the back wall. Now it is, for the most part, a huge open area that doesn't drive me bonkers when I open the door. So....

I painted!

Well, I started painting. I bought this HIDEOUSLY ugly little oval table with really cool legs that was beige with gold accents [stripes? swirls? vomit splats?] from Goodwill when Jessica was here visiting. I had sanded it and was going to paint it dark red but decided the red didn't match anything. Now it is chocolate brown.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Today was a fun day.
Lots of Baking annnndddd we booked our tickets for Vegas!!

I got the spawn off to school this morning and immediately started baking.
2 cakes and 22 cupcakes later...

The end result.
Close-Up of the chips, that I wasn't extremely happy with but it was the first time I played with Fondant. /shrug.

Cherry Chocolate Cupcakes

Just plain cupcakes for the girl spawn and the Matt because they don't want anything odd lol.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Let them eat cake!

I am making a cake for Matt's friends birthday get together on Wednesday night. It is Casino Night Themed.  It has been a month or two since I have done anything remotely baking. Lazy I know. So I am pretty excited about making a cake. Sure, I am going to get frustrated and probably have a melt down because how I want it to turn out isn't going to be perfect but HOPEFULLY it still rocks socks.  I have been looking at different style cakes to get some ideas....Here are the 3 that I like the most. It has to be a devil's food cake with chocolate icing. I am going to make cupcakes as well. <3 cupcakes!