Monday, May 14, 2012

D3 Tomorrow!

Yesterday was pretty rad even though I am not that big a fan of Mother's Day. [I don't like Valentine's Day, St. Patricks Day(maybe if I drank more?), Sweetest Day, Easter(although I enjoy, dying eggs with the spawn and making them baskets), etc either lol. I do however, dig on Halloween, Thanksgiving, and X-Mas. Oh and I love other people's birthdays!] The Spawn were pretty awesome, they didn't fight over where I picked for lunch, didn't fight with ordering something, AND they made me some pretty cute gifts. [Love when they make me stuff.] We went to El Fenix. The flautas from there are awesome, and the only thing I've ever gotten lol. As we were ready to leave, the waitress brought out a sopapilla for me for Mother's Day and then 2 little sopapillas for the Spawn shaped like little people. They were adorable. Way to go El Fenix for rockin' even more!

Today, I have the meeting at the Culinary Art Institute of Dallas to check out the school. I am excited and kinda ... eh? I hope that the drive doesn't suck and that the school is what I want, etc.

Diablo 3 tomorrow bitches! Well, technically at midnight tonight! ahah. Sleep deprivation here Matt and I come!! /cannotwait.

Matt says that I need to blog more -- more specifically that he quit reading because he checked back for a few days in a row and I hadn't updated so he stopped checking. So I am going to TRY to update this mother every day. I am going to fail. lol.

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