Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oh Em Gee.

4 things...

1.)  Diablo 3 released on Tuesday. And after MANY MANNNYY Errors, it is finally working properly. I don't understand why they spend 12 years making a game, only to not allow for the insane amount of people who are going to log in and cause server crashes. Siggghhh. Blizzard -- Get it right, for fuck's sake. Oh well. DUDE! It is so badass. Loved one of the Dungeons/Levels/Quests?[Not sure what to call it.] It is this crazy medieval torture chamber! Wednesday, I decided I just HAD to have the D3 Collector's Edition. I had been throwing the idea around of wanting it -- well, it sunk in that I needed-had to have it-or die. Matt and I spent quite a long time calling and searching for one and finally found it at Game Stop. Terrible picture of me holding it below. So yeah, to say I've been MIA because of it would be a true statement.

2.) I went and toured the Culinary Art Institute of Dallas. I liked it. I have a meeting to tour the other Culinary Art School in Dallas, Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts on Tuesday. I have went through a lot of emotions over it the past few days -- unsure about the drive, trepidation over if in fact I can do this, worry about the commitment, and utter excitement over the possiblity that I am actually going to do this. 

3.) CHECK OUT THIS LIZARD! He[or She] lives in our tree out by the fence. Mega Awesome doesn't even begin to explain this lizard. I got pretty close to it the other day, normally it runs like a motha up out of site. The boy spawn and I stood there watching it trying to get close enough to take a picture and it did the whole "you can't see me because I am a branch duhhhh." thing the other day. I dig him/her.

4.) Fifty Shades Of Grey by E L James. Wow. I stayed up until 530 am the other morning when I had to be up at 7am to get the spawn off to school. /tired. I am almost done with the first one, then on to the second one.

And the song? One of my favorites...

Rob Zombie - Living Dead Girl

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