Monday, May 7, 2012

Sleepy? Yes, definitely.

I stayed up entirely too late last night reading a book and talking to one of my oldest friends. I also took the herbal sleep aid I take way too late. So now I am sitting here fighting the urge to go crawl back in bed, which I know is a battle I am going to lose as soon as I get back from dropping the spawn off at school.

Yesterday, I got bored. 

Very bored. And as a result -- I re-arranged the garage. I have wanted to finish the 4  or 5 paint projects I have out there for a while now but the clutter in there drove me a little batshit anytime I went out there to do so. When we moved here we brought a bunch of stuff with us in a U-Pack and the majority of it that isn't unpacked [action figures and vintage pyrex] is sitting in plastic bins but they were towering in the middle of the garage, now they are all in a neat pile along the back wall. Now it is, for the most part, a huge open area that doesn't drive me bonkers when I open the door. So....

I painted!

Well, I started painting. I bought this HIDEOUSLY ugly little oval table with really cool legs that was beige with gold accents [stripes? swirls? vomit splats?] from Goodwill when Jessica was here visiting. I had sanded it and was going to paint it dark red but decided the red didn't match anything. Now it is chocolate brown.

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