Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sweet Genius?

This Past Weekend 

-The Hunger Games [again] with the girl spawn. I told her if she read the books I would take her to see the movie. She really liked the movie and wasn't terribly thrilled over a few of the changes they made either but loved it none the less.
-Nursing the girl spawn through a TERRIBLE sunburn she got on a field trip. Ergggh. I am still a lot pissed off over this. I guess next year if I let her go to the choir competition then I will chaperone so that I know she is getting sunblock when needed and drinking enough water. 
-Listening to the guys practice on Saturday for a gig they have on this coming Saturday. I am excited over a few songs they are going to play, although, some of them are extremely lame. ;]
-16 hour D3 Binge haha. Lissa, Matt, and I are now level 38 and on NM Mode. Since we couldn't go anywhere on Saturday because of the girl spawns sunburn, I played quite a bit, then when they went to bed it was on even more LOL. 


-Drinking coffee and eating an english muffin with nutella. Mmmm.
-Touring the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Art School of Dallas. And then figuring out which I like better of the two that are available here. I am really excited over the fact that I am going to go to school for this. I know it isn't going to be easy. I am going to get frustrated and probably want to quit. My frustration levels shoot off the charts sometimes. LOL
-Matt and I decided to replace one meal a day with a salad until the spawn go to their dads for the summer, then we are going to replace two meals a day with a salad. As much as the girl spawn loves salad, she isn't cool with eating it for 2 meals ahah. And the boy spawn is so utterly picky if I did that to him, he wouldn't eat. So far, I have been doing it since Saturday, unintentionally. We decided Sunday night that we wanted to do this. Lets just say the scale hasn't been very nice lately and we both are unhappy with the numbers that have gradually been rising.


The Rolling Stones - Angie

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Twinkle said...

i like the replacing meals with salad. Though I would get bored. Cuz lettuce bores me. anyways, I like the new header, pastels and all