Friday, May 11, 2012


Exercise always makes me feel amazing. I wish I wasn't so lazy, so I could do more of it lol. I met up with my friend and we walked the spawn to school this morning like we were doing a few weeks back before I hurt the foot. Exercise just feels good. It wakes me up, even when I am DREADING heading out that door. We didn't do much this morning because her husband came with and wasn't feeling well, just walked for 25 minutes but I guess I should start small and see how all goes with the foot woes. [RHYME!] Although, on the other hand, I want to go crazy with it all so I can drop quite a bit of weight before Vegas because I have a nifty little cupcake tattoo in mind!

I finally decorated a little, if it could be called decorating. Most people probably won't like it. Or get it. Not that there is anything to get really. But I think it is bad ass. I have a slight addiction to metal  (pretty sure it is wrought iron, but shit, I dunno if it is or not so yeah, I am just going to say metal.) lately.  I also bought some really awesome metal (again, they look like wrought iron, they feel like wrought iron, so they must be wrought iron?) Spoon and Fork that hang in the dining room. Oh...and tons of little metal signs(zombie one, a vampire one, PWN in metal letters). I love metal signs. But those ones aren't hanging anywhere.

I am HOPEFULLY going to head out later today and get a Keurig, we will see if the aforementioned laziness issues interfere with this. I have wanted one for the longest time. I got to use Corynn's when I went back to Chicago last X-Mas and took a side trip and met her. I don't drink enough coffee for making a whole pot. So a Keurig is pretty ideal. We will see how it works. I can make tea as well. Maybe some chamomile tea will help with my sleeping issues? Yeah, probably not.

Diablo III in 4 days!!! I am excited! I got to raid a little this week in WoW, that was fun. I miss raiding sometimes. And I was sure I wasn't ever going to get to eradicate Deathwing for real (not in raid finder) this expansion but lo and behold my friend asked me to tag along. Upgrades galore!

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Em said...

I love the numbers! I always get excited when I go to hardware stores & see all the numbers for sale :)

{debbie} said...

thanks for stopping by neck of the woods on the blogsphere. i'm laughing reading your posts, they are quite entertaining and i love how you you refer to your kids as spawn! hope you got that keurig, i love mine!