Saturday, June 2, 2012

Holy Shit.

What a brutally long day.
Matt dropped the spawn and I off at the airport around 11am today, so that I could take them to their dads for Summer break. I had a really interesting encounter with the DFW restroom and toilet germs that resulted in me going commando ALL day. Stupid bathroom germ paranoia + inability to squat properly.

I had to wait around at O'hare for 6 hours for my flight back home. I accomplished a lot. Yeah, like riding the train to another terminal, reading part of a book, drinking Starbucks, eating a Chicago Style Polish Sausage, and yeah...that is about it really. Why are people so damn chatty at the airport? And creepy. Tons of creepy. /shrug. BUT...O'hare has the coolest public restrooms ever! I haven't ever seen the liner system they have. You wave your hand across the top like you are some god damn potty wizard or something...and a plastic liner wiggles across the seat since practicing safe pottying makes for a happy V.  It was awesome! So awesome in fact that I took a picture. I am sure the chick in the stall next to me thought weird things. I would have if I heard a camera click.
Toilet Germ Protection at a Restroom near you!

Flight from O'hare to DFW included 2 babies who BAWLED the entire way. AND THEN we had to sit on the run way for like 30 minutes with aforementioned screaming babies going at it non stop even more. They were sitting directly behind me too, kicking the fucking shit out of my seat. /GLARE. I kid you not, those poor babies got so many death stares. [I may, or may not, have thought some really bad things because man, you can only take SO much crying/screaming/wailing from kids that aren't your own before you just want to stab some thing.] I finally escape that horrendous torture chamber of an airplane only to have to wait for 2 hours because the road to the airport was shut down and Matt couldn't get through. LOL! Oh well, I am now home.

I cannot believe how much I missed Texas! I guess it is now my new home. I have claimed it.

I am sure tomorrow it will hit me that my babies aren't here and I will bawl a little bit myself. I miss them, just not a lot because of the insane day I had.

In conclusion - 
People at airports are interesting to watch.
Don't eat bean burritos when you have a day full of flights. how you squat if you are a girl afraid of toilet germs.
Babies do not need to fly.
Matt-withdrawal sucks. I missed him.
Texas is pretty rad.
I miss my spawn.

Chicago Style Polish Sausage


Anonymous said...

"Don't eat bean burritos when you have a day full of flights."
One of the best bits of advice I've ever heard! Lol

-V said...

haha. Pearls of wisdom!