Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Matt and I tried a 'new' restaurant the other day. Korner Cafe in Lewisville.

It is fucking amazing.

Now, that is hard for me to say. Because I am extremely picky when it comes to a restaurant. Honestly, I might a little over picky. Most servers get on my nerves due to their inability to do the simplest task or their over-attentiveness. It will ruin my WHOLE meal lol, even if the food tastes good.

That being said...fucking amazing. The food is AWESOME and the service is good.
The first visit we both got Korner Chicken. It is this parmesan crusted chicken breast that is on foccacia bread and has a basil mayonnaise sauce. We went back tonight and I ended up being a chicken shit and getting it again, while Matt got the Chicken Parmesan (which was on top of fettucini alfredo with spinach on the side and some red sauce). I completely wanted to knock out Matt and steal his food, but that would have been very un-girlfriendly of me so I refrained.  Needless to say, we will definitely being going back, and who knows, I might grow a set and try something 'weird'.

Anyways, Nom Nom Nom.

I had already taken a few bites when I decided I wanted a pic. 'Oops.'

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