Monday, June 18, 2012


This weekend was pretty rad.

Saturday, Matt and I went to Ikea [God that place is awesome, but GOD that place is HUGE. And I know WHY they make you go through the entire thing to get to the warehouse, but WHYYY must they do that? Assholes. (there quite possibly is a shortcut and I've just not figured it out, which would in face make ME the asshole, but I am going to blame them.)] because I wanted shelves for the 'library' [The front sitting room? that I want to have a bunch of book shelves in]. We also decided to get shelves for the living room so we could move the TV. We ended up only getting the living room shelves [Expedit series! wo0t. They are ballin'.] because the other ones were too big for the car. The other ones were also too big as well, but we made it work. [Which meant that I ended up eating the dash on the drive back home lol.] Long story short, after much rearranging and pizza eating on Sunday, we have a completely different looking looking room. So after Ikea, we met up with friends at Razzoo's and last minuted planned to go see Rock Of Ages. Razzoo's = UCKY!  Oh god, the drink we all got was really tasty but uh yeah..not the food. I guess Cajun just isn't my thang. Two of us raced up a hill only to realize that holy hell hills are a bad idea after eating and when you gotta pee, then ate cupcakes at the Mall while waiting for Rock of Ages then on to the movie. Rock of Ages was pretty badass, even though the night before I had commented on how incredibly lame it looked. One of my new favorite quotes now comes from that movie lol. Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, and Russell Brand were hilarious. All in all it was fun hanging out with them. I miss my friends a lot so it is nice that Matt has friends that I like a lot.

[YUCK!!!] Word of advice-- if it looks like throwup, it is bound to taste like throwup. I ate the corn, the bread (It was REALLY good.), and a bite of each other thing. We ended up getting that for free since I didn't eat it.

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