Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cupcake storage!

One of my friends on Pinterest pinned this cupcake storage a while back -- Storing cupcake liners in a SPAGHETTI JAR!

WHAT? Effin' Ingenious! For realz.

My friend and I looked for a spagetti jar in a million stores [okay, a million might be a SLIGHT exaggeration, but it was a lot! Geesh!] one day and couldn't find one anywhere. She found one a few days later at TJ Maxx and picked it up for me. It is freakin' awesome. Excuse my crappy photos of imperfection and stuff. I guess I could have just ordered it from that website...ahah. 'Oops.'  

Top view.

Inside view.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Attack of the Lizards.

Lizards are taking over.


Okay, not really. But every night they gather by the light outside the door. Or on the outside of the house. Or on the side walk. Or...okay, you get the picture.

They are adorbz. Different sizes and colors. The baby ones are just awesome. Mostly because you can see inside their little stomachs if you look close.

So, anyways, the other night Matt and I came home from doing something [probably buying paint or getting fewdz because that is all we have time to do lately], and this lizard is all kickin' it with a cricket dangling from his mouth. I am not sure what it was  hanging  there by...I thought head, but, there were other parts...just...hanging. It was so freakin' cool.

I couldn't get a good picture. Maybe you can tell.

The lizard who apparently loved playing 'seefood' decided to run for it up near another lizard. This other lizard, clearly the unlucky-with-the-hunt lizard was all "NOM! What's up buddy, you brought grub! Sweet!"

I don't think Lizard1 wants to be friends with Lizard2. Apparently, he didn't learn to share his legos.

And here is a video of epic pet battles. If you don't play WoW, you probably won't get that. But it is okay, I don't judge. You can still be my friend. <3 

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Today is a day full of painting, wall paper removal and hopefully epic-ness.

We have a full list of stuff to paint.
Girl Spawn's Room - Lavender and Purple.
Boy Spawn's Room - Grey and Blue
Spawn's  Bathroom - A bright Orange-Yellow. I am thinking of doing white stripes too!
Kitchen - A Green Yellow called Gecko
Sitting Room (Which I've dubbed the Library because eventually it will be!) - Not sure yet...Burnt Orange maybe. It isn't happening today or anytime soon.

The Spawn's bathroom and the kitchen both have UGLY ass Beige patterned wallpaper that has to be removed. That is going to be super fun happy timez!

So yeah, wish us luck.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Changed the blog around!

Added a new header and changed the background.


I wanted a new layout...and I have a finger puppet zombie [two of them actually, I want a whole set because they are ballin'], a eraser lap top that belongs to the boy spawn, and cupcake stuff galore that I wanted to use. I couldn't get the lighting right and hated it so I decided to doodle it because I am fuckin' pro at Draw Something. Yeah...confident much? ahah

School has been going well. Hopefully the research paper group project we had isn't fail. We aced the oral presentation on Shigellosis, which I thought we bombed. Yay!! And I got a fucking 92 on my Knife Skills Practical today!! wo0t! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Random Thoughts.

Random Thought #1..I need to blog more.

Random Thought #2...I need to learn the symbol keys better on the keyboard, because when I just went to type the number sign, I clicked through every other key first. Okay, I am pretty sure I KNOW them all, I just need to remember them? I type with my hands on the keyboard, the way my teacher taught me in Typing class in 10th grade. So, if I am off by a letter with hand placement...my sentence will look like some alien language noone can decipher.

Random Thought #3...FOR THE LOVE OF...Why must I keep falling asleep after school? I was good yesterday, even after a nap. I went and got groceries and went to Barnes & Noble. I picked up a few cool things at B&N on clearance and another Chef Book. I'm lame. I know.

Random Thought #4...LAUNDRY. Please go away. No? Fine. FINEEE I will do you.

Random Thought #5...I am proud of myself, so far I've cooked 2 of the 5 days I said I would this week. I even took advice from the book I am reading and picked up an ingredient I've never used with the intent of using it one day. We will see.

Random Thought #6...I hope I don't bomb my Knife Skills Assessment tomorrow. I am not really worried, I pretty much know the cuts. I just hope they are straight. I hope that I don't STRESS the EFF out and make crooked carrots. ahah. Crooked Carrots.

Random Thought #7...I really need to blog more. I want to cook myself through a cupcake cookbook. All Julie & Julie style. Maybe? Or I should find an actual pastry one and give it a go.

Random Thought #8...Paint. Wallpaper removal. Yuck! I wonder if the kitchen will look good that green I like. The green that Matt doesn't like. Probably not.

Random Thought #9...Fruit Punch Capri Sun, is AWESOME. I don't care that it makes me look like I am 10 drinking it on the way to school. It rocks. A lot.

Random Thought #10...Time to go check my grade and see if I completely bombed that oral presentation today....SIGHHHH What a fucking drag that was.

Random Thought #11...I was going to only make 10, but then I thought of another one. Anyone notice how my brain is kind of a clusterfuck of ZOMG. I want to make something crafty. Photobook. Check out the one  Andrea of Strawberry Mohawk made. An old book turned into an album? Score.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Batman.

Along with one of Matt's friends, we went to see The Dark Knight Rises yesterday. It was a pretty bad ass movie! I am a bit on the spastic side and enjoy a movie the most if I am dead center on the back row. I will tolerate other seats, but I really don't like to. [It is a pain in the ass, lol, but if you love me, you deal with it!] So we got there at like 12:40 and it didn't start until 2:20. But, we were the first in line! ahaha. So we got my seats and all was spectacular.

The three books that I ordered the other day came on Friday after school. I was pretty excited. I haven't had the time to start reading them yet. I am going to go sit in the Cooking aisle at Barnes & Noble on Monday after school and browse through some books. Here are the three I got...

My Life in France by Julia Child


The Pasty Chef's Companion by Glenn Rinsky and Laura Halpin Rinsky


The Making of a Chef by Michael Ruhlman


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Crazy Conversations Take 1.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone ever listened in on Matt and I's conversations if they would be like What The Fuck? We are retarded. Srsly. Like, I am not just saying that. We talk about the most random weird things while playing Diablo III or World of Warcraft together. It is pretty freakin' badass and I love it.

Tonight before we left to go to Fry's Electronics to get some cables or something to allow him to nerd it up awesome style on his two huge monitors, our conversation went a little something like this -- 

Me while looking over at his computer desk full of monitors, computers, etc - 'God you look like a nerd.'
Matt looks down at himself, then back up to me with a GEE THANKS look on his face.
Me - 'Not you physcially. Well. Okay. Yeah you are, but I was talking about the desk.'
Matt - 'That's it, I'm outa here.'

Alright, so you probably had to be here. But, we are funny! I promise.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I've noticed this trend in my blog posts the past few days.
Am I boring the shit out of you? I don't care really, just wanted to put it out there like I did. Okay, FINE, I do. For as long as I can remember I've always gotten all consumed with something and it will be all I think about. Shit, as of late, all I do is DREAM about cooking school. What happened to my awesome World of Warcraft dreams, yanno the ones where I am Vy, decked out in my Judgement gear, pwning mobs and wrecking face? [It was a dream okay. Yes, I was infinitely more awesome than normal.] Sigh. Damnit.

So I am going to switch it up and post a few things that I find awesome...




Pistachio Cupcake with Whipped Cream Icing! What?!



School is making me feel a bit....stupid? I don't know if that is the right word or not. I feel like my brain doesn't have the capacity for learning ANYTHING. It is like the part of my brain that is supposed to be solving all of these math problems I have to do is sitting there eating fucking cheetos saying NU UH! DON'T WANNA and sticking its tongue out at me. The bastard.  I never really liked Math and that is proving to still be the case.

 It is pretty frustrating honestly.  

I did really well in school [I was mostly a straight A student up until my senior year(haha, I don't want to talk about it.) There was an occasional B tossed in there but eh, whaddyagonnado?] I guess I really just need to get back into the hang of things considering I haven't been in school since 1998.  Oh well, enough complaining.

We had a career advisor come into class today. He mentioned a book, "The French Laundry Cookbook", that we should be reading so we went to Half Price Books with no luck. I am going to go check it out at Barnes & Noble tomorrow. I did get a REALLY cool Cupcake and Muffin cookbook and two other books that I am going to read. Yes, you can laugh at the 2nd one pictured. :] 

Becoming a Chef by Andrew Dorenburg and Karen Page
(apparently there is an updated version of this from 2003.)

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Success as a Chef by Leslie Bilderback, CMB

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Oh Em Gee.

Interesting fact -- THIS IS MY 100th Post! Not that anyone REALLY cares. ahah.

Le Cordon Bleu offers a program called MasterChef Cooking Series and our instructor needed a few volunteers to help out in his class. I decided to help out -- HOLY CRAP it was exhausting! lol. BUT, it was also very informative, fun and an experience I am glad I got to partake in. The class consisted of 18 people in groups of two and they made a bunch of things from scratch -- Marshmallows [really neat to see how they were made.], Meringue cookies [apparently they are an italian cookie called a Lady Kiss, they didn't look very appetizing but they were cool none-the-less.], Graham crackers [from scratch? what?!], Oatmeal Raisin cookies [my least favorite cookie of all time!], and Peanut Brittle [I have made that before so it was less fascinating than the others ahah.] It was  A LOT of running around all crazy, helping people, getting this or that, and by the end of it...my poor feet [thank you plantar fasciitis /glare] were deadzors. I was also going on little sleep. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, I can get on a normal schedule sometime this century? 

So, I complain every day to Matt about school. But, I really do love it. Food Safety and Sanitation is a real drag, and is completely making me reconsider eating out ahah [Considering that most of these food borne illnesses are from fecal matter...just thinking about how that fecal matter gets into food..makes me want to yack. /shiver.] Foundations 1 though, is awesome. I really like learning how a menu item gets its price, different things about the kitchen, knife cuts, etc. I REALLLLLY cannot wait for baking, but for now, this works. And...I am REALLY doing this. Which is just badass all in itself.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Finally an update!

Holy shit...I am exhausted.
I am trying to get into a routine. I never really had one pre-Vegas. LOL I woke up when I wanted, I went to bed when I wanted. I maybe, sorta, regret that. We got back from Vegas at 230am on Monday night [Tuesday Morning!] due to delayed flights -- I had my first class at 10am, but had to be there at 9am for orientation. ZOMG! I was so fucking tired. Oh well...

Vegas was decent. I had a lot of fun when I got to hang out with the Matt and when I was drunk as hell. The lights are so pretty at night. It is like someone dumped buckets and buckets of glitter all over everything and since I love glitter, it was awesome. Beatles Love Cirque Du Soleil was FUCKING AMAZING! I loved every minute of it. We had super awesome seats as well. The 4 of us went to Kings Ink Tattoo Bar in the Mirage one night, ladies night, so the other lady in our little party and I were pretty drunk by the time we left. Minus 5 Ice Bar was pretty awesome as well. It wasn't as cold as I thought it would be, but then, I was so drunk I could barely walk. 'Oops.'

We went to Hard Rock Cafe our first night. There was live music from some band named Sin City Sinners. 

Our hotel room. We dubbed that rectangular red pillow the hooker pillow and prompty removed it from the bed. Housekeeping put it back on everyday, the bastards.

One of the waterfalls at the Mirage. It was pretty badass.

Random view of the city during the day. [Much prettier at night!]

The Mirage [and some random dudes head.] was our hotel.

The Mirage Volcano show. It was pretty wicked.

Bettie Page Store in Ceasars Palace. It was really rad, even though I was being a moody cunt and didn't look at much. Stupid mood swings.

Me and the Matt. <3 I love this picture of us.

Me all dolled up for the wedding. LOVE this dress!!

Caricature of Matt and I from the artist at his friends wedding. I was only that smiley because of the vodka!! lawl

Close-up of Caricature V's piercings and tattoos.

Hanging on the ceiling in Senor Frogs.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


I am just going to come right out and admit it..
Since returning from Vegas and being completely fucking wiped out...

I have been wearing the pants to my uniform for Culinary Art School every day after school.
They are black and white plaid. They are hideous.
I don't care.

More on Culinary Art School when it is not entirely past my bed time.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Vegas baby!!!

We are in Vegas!! Apart from this uber bitch of a migraine I am dealing with it is so much fun! We went to Hard Rock Cafe Vegas last night. It was cool. Then we drank and gambled all night. Tonight we saw Beatles Love Cirque Du Soleil, which was completely badasssss. Followed by tons of drinking at King's Tattoo Bar.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


This time tomorrow, Matt and I will be balls deep in Vegas!


We have a wedding to go to and I got the most perfect black dress with little polka dots from Torrid, AND it was on clearance for 19.99!

I also bought my first pair of skinny leg jeans. In Black. ahaha. Me buying a pair of skinny leg jeans feels really weird. I always wore HUGE baggy jeans like JNCO and Lee Pipes. BUT, these jeans make my butt look cute and shows off the skinny little legs I have. Score.  I got the following top as well. It is just completely awesome. Going to put a white [or black] short sleeved ?shrug? over it to hide my arms because yeah, no thanks. I even bought bracelets. LOL

Matt and I went and got him a few new shirts/shorts today and an outfit for the wedding so he is all set as well.




The amazing Catherine of Life Collection nominated me for the the Liebster Award for bloggers. You should check out her blog as well. She is pretty awesome but doesn't give herself enough credit!

Here's a description of the award:
The Liebster Award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.

Here are the rules for receiving this award:
Each person must post 11 things about themselves
Answer the questions that the tagger set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer.
Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
Go to their page and tell them.
No tag backs!

11 Things about Me --
1.  I am a momma of two amazing kiddos. Who are lovingly referred to as my spawn on my blog. The are my world.
2.  I have a super awesome boyfriend who we live with in Texas. He is hilarious and the biggest nerd ever. And so perfect for me it is insane.
3.  I am really into body art. I probably always will be. At one point in time, I had around 18 piercings, 8 of which were in my face. Now I am down to 8 total.  I have 6 or 7 tattoos. lol [6 if you count the swallows on my chest as one. But it will be going down to 5 when I get the ring removed on my finger.] I also have a brand.  I fully intend to get hella more tattoos.
4.  I have an insane love of cupcakes. I don't like to eat them so much as make them. I love to decorate them and look at them. I love creating something so awesome that is edible.
5.  I start Culinary Art School for Baking & Patisserie on July 10th. I keep going back and forth on the excitement. I AM excited. I really am. But part of me is scared shitless.
6.  Matt and I are going to Vegas on Thursday! It will be the first time for both of us. I cannot wait. I am soooo excited over the bright lights.
7.  I am highly addicted to World of Warcraft [when the expansion doesn't suck balls.] and met my boyfriend in the game. I've stuck with playing a paladin pretty much my entire WoW existance. BUT Diablo 2 is my all time favorite video game. I played that shit forever. Diablo 3 is a little disappointing in comparison.
8.  Zombies are just too cool, as are Vampires and werewolves. :]
9.  I am a huge book worm. I read a lot of fantasy. haha. Yes, even Young Adult Fiction. No shame.
10.  I have lived in Indiana, Alabama, North Carolina [unfortunately, although, had I not moved there I might not of gotten the chance to fall in love with the Matt], Florida and now Texas.
11.  I would love to be a vegetarian, and was for a short period of time on more than one occasion, but lack the commitment. Maybe someday.

My Nominees --
1.  Jessica of 4u2stlkm3
2.  Caslani of Caslani
3.  Kristin of My Life as a Teacup
4.  Amanda of Little Lady Little City
5.  Nea of The Strong and Not So Silent Type
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7.  phunkypuhnk
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9.  Amy of Sewing Room Screaming
10.  Muffin of The Ugly Cupcake
11.  Kaley of Cold Hands + Warm Hearts

Answers to Catherine's questions --
1. What's your favorite genre of music? Rock I guess? I like a lot of random music. Marilyn Manson, The Black Keys, Sublime, Rolling Stones, The Pogues, Everlast, Type O Negative,
and too many more to name.
2. Do you believe in fate? I don't know honestly. I guess I do. I often answer the question of if I could change my past would I? And I don't think I would because I wouldn't
want my present altered...so? I dunno.
3. If you could live anywhere in the world for a year where would it be and why?  I don't know. I recently moved to Texas and love it here. Which, I was afraid I wouldn't. I would love to
visit a few places, but I don't know if I would want to live there for a year!
4. Are you happy with your style/fashion? What would you wear if you could wear anything you wanted?  ahah I'd love to weigh about 70lbs less so I could rock some hella awesome
pin-up girl clothes.
5. Coffee or tea? And how you like it prepared? Coffee - hazelnut with a ton of powdered creamer. I love Venti Soy Chai Lattes from Starbucks for tea. Or just boring old sweet or unsweet tea.
6. If you had to become an animal, what animal would you be? Duck-billed Platypus.
7. What is your favorite season? Fall.
8. Favorite actor/actress? Uh...I am not sure. I like a bunch of different actors/actresses. Patrick Fugit, Christina Hendricks, Alexander Skarsgård, Emma Stone, Ellen Page
9. If you could do anything with your life what would it be? Own my own cupcake/cake bakery.
10. If you knew for one day everything would go as planned, what would you plan or do that day? Eh, I guess I would buy a lottery ticket because I'd be bound to win eh?
11. Twitter, Facebook, or both? Facebook. I guess I should get on twitter as well.

My Questions --
1. Why do you blog?
2. What is your favorite color?
3. Cake or Pie?
4. Are you a book worm?
5. What was your favorite subject in High School?
6. What is something you can never leave the house without?
7. What movie could you watch repeatedly?
8. Who is someone you would want to switch lives with for a day and why?
9. Do you play any musical instruments?
10. What is your favorite Vegetable? Fruit?
11. What is your stance on cupcakes?