Monday, July 30, 2012

Attack of the Lizards.

Lizards are taking over.


Okay, not really. But every night they gather by the light outside the door. Or on the outside of the house. Or on the side walk. Or...okay, you get the picture.

They are adorbz. Different sizes and colors. The baby ones are just awesome. Mostly because you can see inside their little stomachs if you look close.

So, anyways, the other night Matt and I came home from doing something [probably buying paint or getting fewdz because that is all we have time to do lately], and this lizard is all kickin' it with a cricket dangling from his mouth. I am not sure what it was  hanging  there by...I thought head, but, there were other parts...just...hanging. It was so freakin' cool.

I couldn't get a good picture. Maybe you can tell.

The lizard who apparently loved playing 'seefood' decided to run for it up near another lizard. This other lizard, clearly the unlucky-with-the-hunt lizard was all "NOM! What's up buddy, you brought grub! Sweet!"

I don't think Lizard1 wants to be friends with Lizard2. Apparently, he didn't learn to share his legos.

And here is a video of epic pet battles. If you don't play WoW, you probably won't get that. But it is okay, I don't judge. You can still be my friend. <3 

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