Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Changed the blog around!

Added a new header and changed the background.


I wanted a new layout...and I have a finger puppet zombie [two of them actually, I want a whole set because they are ballin'], a eraser lap top that belongs to the boy spawn, and cupcake stuff galore that I wanted to use. I couldn't get the lighting right and hated it so I decided to doodle it because I am fuckin' pro at Draw Something. Yeah...confident much? ahah

School has been going well. Hopefully the research paper group project we had isn't fail. We aced the oral presentation on Shigellosis, which I thought we bombed. Yay!! And I got a fucking 92 on my Knife Skills Practical today!! wo0t! 


aloneshallib said...

Could use some vampire fangs as well vy all things are better with fangs+blood

PHunkyPuHnk said...

I love LOVE the new banner!

-V said...

@Stevie -- Thanks! I really love it too haha. It is so me.