Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Crazy Conversations Take 1.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone ever listened in on Matt and I's conversations if they would be like What The Fuck? We are retarded. Srsly. Like, I am not just saying that. We talk about the most random weird things while playing Diablo III or World of Warcraft together. It is pretty freakin' badass and I love it.

Tonight before we left to go to Fry's Electronics to get some cables or something to allow him to nerd it up awesome style on his two huge monitors, our conversation went a little something like this -- 

Me while looking over at his computer desk full of monitors, computers, etc - 'God you look like a nerd.'
Matt looks down at himself, then back up to me with a GEE THANKS look on his face.
Me - 'Not you physcially. Well. Okay. Yeah you are, but I was talking about the desk.'
Matt - 'That's it, I'm outa here.'

Alright, so you probably had to be here. But, we are funny! I promise.

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Catherine said...

Ronald and I are the same way. We talk about the silliest nerdy stuff and it's so fun to have someone who "gets it" and doesn't realize how nerdy I am and leave. :)

xx, C