Saturday, July 14, 2012

Finally an update!

Holy shit...I am exhausted.
I am trying to get into a routine. I never really had one pre-Vegas. LOL I woke up when I wanted, I went to bed when I wanted. I maybe, sorta, regret that. We got back from Vegas at 230am on Monday night [Tuesday Morning!] due to delayed flights -- I had my first class at 10am, but had to be there at 9am for orientation. ZOMG! I was so fucking tired. Oh well...

Vegas was decent. I had a lot of fun when I got to hang out with the Matt and when I was drunk as hell. The lights are so pretty at night. It is like someone dumped buckets and buckets of glitter all over everything and since I love glitter, it was awesome. Beatles Love Cirque Du Soleil was FUCKING AMAZING! I loved every minute of it. We had super awesome seats as well. The 4 of us went to Kings Ink Tattoo Bar in the Mirage one night, ladies night, so the other lady in our little party and I were pretty drunk by the time we left. Minus 5 Ice Bar was pretty awesome as well. It wasn't as cold as I thought it would be, but then, I was so drunk I could barely walk. 'Oops.'

We went to Hard Rock Cafe our first night. There was live music from some band named Sin City Sinners. 

Our hotel room. We dubbed that rectangular red pillow the hooker pillow and prompty removed it from the bed. Housekeeping put it back on everyday, the bastards.

One of the waterfalls at the Mirage. It was pretty badass.

Random view of the city during the day. [Much prettier at night!]

The Mirage [and some random dudes head.] was our hotel.

The Mirage Volcano show. It was pretty wicked.

Bettie Page Store in Ceasars Palace. It was really rad, even though I was being a moody cunt and didn't look at much. Stupid mood swings.

Me and the Matt. <3 I love this picture of us.

Me all dolled up for the wedding. LOVE this dress!!

Caricature of Matt and I from the artist at his friends wedding. I was only that smiley because of the vodka!! lawl

Close-up of Caricature V's piercings and tattoos.

Hanging on the ceiling in Senor Frogs.


Cristeen said...

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PHunkyPuHnk said...

OMG, now I am super excited about Vegas! I am trying to go for my super scary bday coming up in October. If I keep thinking about Vegas I don't hyperventilate about turning . . . Anyway, I'm glad you found it awesome.

And I totally love your wedding outfit. It stylish and looks comfy.

NeaCakes said...

Sounds like you rocked out in Sin City! <3