Sunday, July 15, 2012

Oh Em Gee.

Interesting fact -- THIS IS MY 100th Post! Not that anyone REALLY cares. ahah.

Le Cordon Bleu offers a program called MasterChef Cooking Series and our instructor needed a few volunteers to help out in his class. I decided to help out -- HOLY CRAP it was exhausting! lol. BUT, it was also very informative, fun and an experience I am glad I got to partake in. The class consisted of 18 people in groups of two and they made a bunch of things from scratch -- Marshmallows [really neat to see how they were made.], Meringue cookies [apparently they are an italian cookie called a Lady Kiss, they didn't look very appetizing but they were cool none-the-less.], Graham crackers [from scratch? what?!], Oatmeal Raisin cookies [my least favorite cookie of all time!], and Peanut Brittle [I have made that before so it was less fascinating than the others ahah.] It was  A LOT of running around all crazy, helping people, getting this or that, and by the end of poor feet [thank you plantar fasciitis /glare] were deadzors. I was also going on little sleep. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, I can get on a normal schedule sometime this century? 

So, I complain every day to Matt about school. But, I really do love it. Food Safety and Sanitation is a real drag, and is completely making me reconsider eating out ahah [Considering that most of these food borne illnesses are from fecal matter...just thinking about how that fecal matter gets into food..makes me want to yack. /shiver.] Foundations 1 though, is awesome. I really like learning how a menu item gets its price, different things about the kitchen, knife cuts, etc. I REALLLLLY cannot wait for baking, but for now, this works. And...I am REALLY doing this. Which is just badass all in itself.


NeaCakes said...

woot to you doing what you have wanted!!!! Im proud of you. But now I will go vomit because you said fecal matter and food in the same sentence. And even moreso was the word between them called in. BARF

PHunkyPuHnk said...

I tried to make marshmallows once. Not tried,, I did but they were awful. I'm so awful at making candies of any sort though and any time I heat sugar I inevtably burn myself with it. Though this week I'm doing an impressive job of burning sweet popcorn repetedly.

I look forward to reading more about classes. For awhile in high school I really wanted to go to the CIA but that dream kind of got squashed. Baking would definitely be my favorite part too.

Good luck on setting up the schedule!