Saturday, July 28, 2012


Today is a day full of painting, wall paper removal and hopefully epic-ness.

We have a full list of stuff to paint.
Girl Spawn's Room - Lavender and Purple.
Boy Spawn's Room - Grey and Blue
Spawn's  Bathroom - A bright Orange-Yellow. I am thinking of doing white stripes too!
Kitchen - A Green Yellow called Gecko
Sitting Room (Which I've dubbed the Library because eventually it will be!) - Not sure yet...Burnt Orange maybe. It isn't happening today or anytime soon.

The Spawn's bathroom and the kitchen both have UGLY ass Beige patterned wallpaper that has to be removed. That is going to be super fun happy timez!

So yeah, wish us luck.


Baylee said...

I like the orange yellow a lot!!

-V said...

I cannot wait to get the bathroom done. That orange is so cool. I ordered canvas wall art from Etsy one teal,one chartreuse, and one grey to hang in there. They say Wash Your Hands, Flush the Toilet, and Brush Your Teeth. Super excited!