Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Random Thoughts.

Random Thought #1..I need to blog more.

Random Thought #2...I need to learn the symbol keys better on the keyboard, because when I just went to type the number sign, I clicked through every other key first. Okay, I am pretty sure I KNOW them all, I just need to remember them? I type with my hands on the keyboard, the way my teacher taught me in Typing class in 10th grade. So, if I am off by a letter with hand placement...my sentence will look like some alien language noone can decipher.

Random Thought #3...FOR THE LOVE OF...Why must I keep falling asleep after school? I was good yesterday, even after a nap. I went and got groceries and went to Barnes & Noble. I picked up a few cool things at B&N on clearance and another Chef Book. I'm lame. I know.

Random Thought #4...LAUNDRY. Please go away. No? Fine. FINEEE I will do you.

Random Thought #5...I am proud of myself, so far I've cooked 2 of the 5 days I said I would this week. I even took advice from the book I am reading and picked up an ingredient I've never used with the intent of using it one day. We will see.

Random Thought #6...I hope I don't bomb my Knife Skills Assessment tomorrow. I am not really worried, I pretty much know the cuts. I just hope they are straight. I hope that I don't STRESS the EFF out and make crooked carrots. ahah. Crooked Carrots.

Random Thought #7...I really need to blog more. I want to cook myself through a cupcake cookbook. All Julie & Julie style. Maybe? Or I should find an actual pastry one and give it a go.

Random Thought #8...Paint. Wallpaper removal. Yuck! I wonder if the kitchen will look good that green I like. The green that Matt doesn't like. Probably not.

Random Thought #9...Fruit Punch Capri Sun, is AWESOME. I don't care that it makes me look like I am 10 drinking it on the way to school. It rocks. A lot.

Random Thought #10...Time to go check my grade and see if I completely bombed that oral presentation today....SIGHHHH What a fucking drag that was.

Random Thought #11...I was going to only make 10, but then I thought of another one. Anyone notice how my brain is kind of a clusterfuck of ZOMG. I want to make something crafty. Photobook. Check out the one  Andrea of Strawberry Mohawk made. An old book turned into an album? Score.

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