Wednesday, July 4, 2012


This time tomorrow, Matt and I will be balls deep in Vegas!


We have a wedding to go to and I got the most perfect black dress with little polka dots from Torrid, AND it was on clearance for 19.99!

I also bought my first pair of skinny leg jeans. In Black. ahaha. Me buying a pair of skinny leg jeans feels really weird. I always wore HUGE baggy jeans like JNCO and Lee Pipes. BUT, these jeans make my butt look cute and shows off the skinny little legs I have. Score.  I got the following top as well. It is just completely awesome. Going to put a white [or black] short sleeved ?shrug? over it to hide my arms because yeah, no thanks. I even bought bracelets. LOL

Matt and I went and got him a few new shirts/shorts today and an outfit for the wedding so he is all set as well.



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