Friday, August 3, 2012

Crazy Conversations Take 2

It is MORE than obvious that I have culinary school on the brain. 
Pretty much 24/7. 
I even dream about school and cooking for fuck's sake. [I still haven't actually gotten around to COOKING or BAKING but yeah, uh, moving on.]  I watch cooking shows, I buy books about baking or books by Chefs, and I constantly spaz over what random Foodborne Illness I might be contracting by eating whatever random thing I am eating from whatever random place we've gone. I have become pretty effin' boring lately. Shit, last night, I went to bed at like 1am. What? Although, I did lay there and read Success as a Chef for an hour before falling asleep. But, I don't mind. I LOVE that it interests me so much. And I am glad the people close to me aren't like "For the love of, someone shut this bitch up!" [Maybe they are, and just aren't telling me haha]

But anyways, Matt and I went to dinner [Cristina's Mexican Restaurant...mmm @ their flautas.] and like always, we had been talking about random shit. /insert some random World of Warcraft talk here.

A little while later he says to me..."Are you ready to heal me up some dungeons?"
BUT what I heard was "Are you ready to cut me up some onions?"
So I replied, "I can, but it takes too long to cut them."
He looked at me like WTF are you talking about?
Confused as to why he was looking at me like I had suddenly sprouted 4 more eyes, I said, "You said cut you up some onions right?"
He just laughed and said, "No, HEAL ME UP SOME DUNGEONS."
Pretty much all I could reply was..."Oh."

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