Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Razer Lycosa -- I love you.

When it comes to my keyboard [Razer Lycosa] and mouse [Logitech Mx518]...

I am super picky.
Whatever word you choose to describe completely anal and whiny.

I started using a Razer Lycosa a while ago and it is the ONLY keyboard I can use happily. I find flaws in every other keyboard I try -- too loud, too clacky, too soft, too hard. I am kind of like Goldilocks noming on porridge and snoozing in bear beds. My BFF Jess got one a long ass time ago and I was a bit jelly. Unfortunately, I was using the Ideazon Burning Crusade Limited Edition Zboard  at the time [which was super clacky!! but I liked it because it was from my favorite expansion in World of Warcraft.] so I couldn't get a new one. I got my first Lycosa from woot.com for like 27.99. So yeah, the Lycosa is definitely not the latest or the best in gaming keyboards, but it is comfortable and perfect. I don't even use gaming features on a keyboard [the Zboard did have some cool ones on the number pad that I got used to.] The keys are so smooth, like velvet. The LED lighted keys are awesome. And it isn't utterly LOUD when you press a button. Anyways, after a few spillage incidents the shift key decided not to work a month or so back. [It quite very well could of been from over usage of the shift key in Diablo 3, but I confess nothing.] I was trying to unstick it, and went HULK SMASH on it or something and snapped the damn button in two. Long story short, I needed a new one so Matt ordered me one and I am once again a happy girl.

Mmmm. Razer Lycosa. [Note my checks (chef pants) at the bottom of the pic. Man I gotta stop living in these things!!]

Look how velvety the keys look! 


Catherine said...

Looks cool! I actually love the clack of mac keyboards so that is my go-to, I'm also a sucker for any mac products, which is a bit silly, they just look so cool and nerdy to me and are quite intuitive. I also just bought these adorable decals. I can't wait for them to arrive in the mail!


xx, C

NeaCakes said...

Nerdface- I thought you named your keyboard Razer Lycosa. Then I read the post.... but I still think it would have been cool if you had actually named it that.

-V said...

@ Catherine -- Those look cool. I've seen quite a variety of them in multiple places!

-V said...

@Twinks -- Hmmm...I should name it. So when I snuggle it, I can call it by name.