Friday, August 10, 2012

School Stuff

My first two classes are coming to an end. This makes me sad. I really like my instructor and I probably won't have him again. Blah.

The past few days in Foundations 1, we have had to do group recipes. And we didn't get to pick our groups ahah. There is already a huge divide in our class, mostly because of age I think. [A lot of the girls and the one boy in our class are around 18 and fresh out of high school.] I think our instructor sees this and is trying to get us used to working with everyone since we are going to be with the same people for a year, not just the little cliques that have been formed. /shrug. Anyways, rambling.

Wednesday we made fruit salad with vinaigarette.
The vinaigarette was GROSS. SO INCREDIBLY GROSS. Maybe I did something wrong ahah.
But, I plated it pretty cute. In retrospect, I wouldn't have used 5 balls, but 3. And for the love of....PAPAYA is effin' disgusting. So was the pineapple. And those cuts bother me because they aren't perfect but eh...Whaddyagunnado?

Today we made Gazpacho.
I hadn't ever had it before and I went into it thinking I would hate it. Cold Soup? BLECH! 
But...ours turned out really tasty. I will post the recipe later, because I really liked it.
ANDDDDDD...I plated it SUPER AWESOME. It was definitely the nicest plated gazpacho. [Conceited much? Maybe.]


Baylee said...

I've never had cold soup. I always thought it sounded gross too. Excited to see the recipe

NeaCakes said...

I think Gazpacho bowl looks rad. The thought of cold soup.....well... yeah. yuck.

The fruit looks pretty, cant wait to see more of your plating!

-V said...

Cold soup still sounds gross when I think about it.

Catherine said...

So cool! I love your plating style :)