Friday, August 24, 2012

Traveling Through Texas

Matt told me when we first started talking that Austin was the place for my weird kind so I've wanted to visit it since I moved here. We decided to go the weekend before the spawn came home. 

It is so fucking bad ass. Everyone just looked happy. 

We had two plans really...EAT like a motha' fucker and I wanted to hit up vintage shops because there's a ton there. I wanted to eat at places I've never been, try new things.

First stop...
Hoover's Cooking -- Jerk Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, and Mustard Greens. The potatoes were eh and the mustard greens were eh...but that might of been because they weren't collard greens which I really wanted. OMG the chicken was TASSTTTYY! We had pie as well. Coconut Cream for teh Matt and Pecan for me, it was alright.

We then headed off to check out the vintage shops...There were a fuck ton. They had a lot of cool things but nothing I really wanted. 

Okay bro, this one....WAS FUCKING SCARY. Like...You couldn't touch anything without fear of it toppling on your face and someone discovering your dead rotting body months later when they decided they really wanted that Spawn 3 action figure.

Another shot of Hoarderstown USA.

The front of the shop which should have been a sign of the inside. Although, I am sure there is a TON of HELLA cool shit up in there. It's unfortunate that you can't look around and find some killer stuff.

Austin Skyline.


More Scenery. It was really pretty there. My pics in no way do it justice. I fail.

We met with a friend for dinner and he chose Posados Cafe. The food was...alright. The waitress was a disaster with her belly showing because her shirt was unbuttoned on the bottom. She walked like Lafayette from True shit.

The Next day we were hit up Casino el Camino because Guy Fieri said so!!

ZOMG! The burger was FUCKING DELICIOUS. Like, the taste of it was just amazing. I wish I had gotten the blue cheese one with the crazy hot sauce but we were headed down to Corpus Christi which is a 4 hour drive and I didn't want to risk heartburn kicking my ass. I got a California Style I think it was called. Bean Sprouts, avocado...MMMM. 

I wanted cupcakes. ahah So we hit up Hey Cupcake!. I took a really cool picture of the cupcake trailer thing, but my phone is a bastard and ate it. Sigh.

Honestly? Not that impressed, maybe we got the wrong kind. /shrug. The two in the middle were vegan. 

We headed down to Corpus Christi, more specifically North Padre Island to spend a day with Matt's Mom. It was the first time I met her. Dude, you could TASTE the salt in the air from the was cool. I freakin' love the water. Matt and I went and walked around for an hour one night which was fun even though it was all completely-I-like-long-walks-on-the-beach-ish. <3

Random shot of the beach.


And again.

In conclusion...haha AUSTIN ROCKS FUCKING SOCKS!

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