Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Today,  I have to make Genoise [sponge cake] that is at least 2 inches tall in class. [Technically tomorrow I guess, since I have to do it when I wake up. But, whatevs.]

This doesn't sound like a hard task, right?

But Monday, I blew it.  Like, the cake I made tasted like goat balls. AND it was flat. AND the wrong texture. wtfx? I've went over and over in my head what I did and cannot think of anything that was incorrect. Hopefully....HOPEFULLY...I don't blow it again today. I really cannot afford to take a 50 point dick punch. Especially since I can't seem to get above a damn 80 on the written tests. SIGH.  After I get the Genoise Practical out of the way, I get to pipe 750 rosettes, shells, and interlocking rosettes. FUN FUN!

Yesterday night was the new season of Bones premiere. EPIC.
Tonight was Sons of Anarchy...God I effin' love this show. 
Tomorrow is Restaurant Impossible. wo0t. Chef Robert = awesome.

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