Friday, September 14, 2012

This is Halloween!

I have been a lazy blogger. For the past few weeks. I fail.
I am still trying to adjust to waking up at 7am to get the Spawn off to school and then go to school myself. I would like to point out, I am also failing at that ahah. I have only managed lateness once, but I am super rushed all the time (to the point of a speeding ticket. Oops. It was bound to happen though.)

But yeah..whatev.

So Matt and I are throwing a Halloween Party. I want it to be an annual thing. I fucking love Halloween.
Honestly, I love FALL up until NEW YEARS. Valentine's Day can eat it.

I have been searching the interwebs for Halloween Party ideas.  And since I set a strict $200 budget...yeah. I have to make some shit.

Here are the ones I've found via Pinterest...
1.) Sheets on furniture to make for a neglected looking room. Dude, Martha Stewart rocks the Halloween Decor/Party Ideas. No joke.


2.) This saying, but as a rug for the front door.


3.) There's a hand in the punch!


4.)  Costume Trophies!! This site is actually FULL of great Halloween Decoration ideas.


5.) Rats all over the place!! 


I've also thought up a few other ideas like Jars of random gross things sitting around, REDRUM on the bathroom mirror, and no Halloween Party can be complete without TONS of spiderwebs everywhere.


PHunkyPuHnk said...

I love this time of year (though it might have more to do with my birthday being in october but Halloween is close :P)! I did a DIY Halloween thing last year (or was it Friday the 13th?) Anyway, I focused on gruesome food. Off the top of my head I remember Tonic Water (or whatever has quinine in it) glows under black light so that could be used for effect in punches and drinks and hotdogs cut to finger sized, marked with a knife (to make knuckle-like lines) , and dipped in ketchup really look like chopped fingers. I got great food ideas from here:

Good luck and have fun!!

Catherine said...

These are totally awesome ideas! Good luck!

Topsy said...

I absolutely love Halloween too. I've been thinking about throwing a party too...thanks to this post I have some ideas.

What are you going to be this year?