Sunday, October 21, 2012

Zombie Body Parts Tutorial.

I wanted severed zombie parts for the graveyard I put in front of the house...Because let's face it...
Zombies are effin' badass. I have a Halloween Party budget [That I might of blown a little.....okay...maybe more than a little. /fail.] so I couldn't go buy the ones that are pre-made. I found a bunch of severed body parts for the kitchen for my Halloween Party because it is going to be the bloody torture room. I got them from dollar tree for 1.00 each and the spray paint was .98 cents each from Wal-Mart. (maybe .97 cents.) Anyways...for 4 bucks I made some freakin' awesome zombie hands/feet. I had bought the spray paint originally to redo a Halloween Rug. If I don't fail at that..I will post it later as well.

The hand/foot from Dollar Tree + Cheap Spray Paint from Wal-Mart. I tried both ways of spray painting it to make grey. Black first, with white misted on top. Then white with black misted on top. I like the white first more than the black first. /shrug.

White as first layer, black as top layer.

White as first layer, black as top layer.

Black as first layer, white as top layer.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Yay for Halloween-ness.

I have been all consumed with a lot of shit lately and failing to blog.
I want to. I just don't do it. I am sort of all consumed with Spawn, School, WoW, Party Ideas....and just trying to find motivation to do things. I fail at it...big time.

Halloween is coming up. wo0t. Which means 3 things...
1 -- The Girl Spawn turns 11. Her, her bff, and I are going to a Haunted House, then to get icecream and then they are going to stay up all night watching movies and eating junk food. She also has a list of about a million One Direction things she wants. [So, am I srsly getting punished or something here? One Direction? Really? Siiggggghhhhh. Boy Bands. /vomit.]

2 -- Our first Halloween Party. Adults Only the weekend before Halloween. I can't wait. Matt is going to be The Big Bad Wolf as Grandmother. I got him a extremely hideous pink/purple/white nightgown with pink fuzzy slippers. And my friend Nea  sewed him a cap and me an apron. I am going to be Little Red Riding Hood! So effin' stoked. I will post the invites that I made for the party later. I need to take a picture. They rather rocked. I am hoping this turns into Matt and I's Annual thing. I fucking love Halloween.

3 -- Trick Or Treating for the Spawn. The girl is going to be a Dark Dolly with purple pigtails to match her black and purple dress. It is a pretty cute costume. She told me that this is the last year she can T.o.T...because she will be  in middle school next year, and if she T.o.T's, she will be shunned. lawl. The Boy Spawn is going to be a Ninja haha...for like the 3rd time! What can I say, kid loves being a Ninja!

A few links you should check out...

I found this blog while looking on Pinterest for ideas for Halloween parties. It is all about cheap things to make/buy/do for many times of parties.
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Here is another fun site I found on Pinterest. One of my friends linked it. It's a tutorial on making your own duct tape boots to match a costume!
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