Sunday, October 21, 2012

Zombie Body Parts Tutorial.

I wanted severed zombie parts for the graveyard I put in front of the house...Because let's face it...
Zombies are effin' badass. I have a Halloween Party budget [That I might of blown a little.....okay...maybe more than a little. /fail.] so I couldn't go buy the ones that are pre-made. I found a bunch of severed body parts for the kitchen for my Halloween Party because it is going to be the bloody torture room. I got them from dollar tree for 1.00 each and the spray paint was .98 cents each from Wal-Mart. (maybe .97 cents.) Anyways...for 4 bucks I made some freakin' awesome zombie hands/feet. I had bought the spray paint originally to redo a Halloween Rug. If I don't fail at that..I will post it later as well.

The hand/foot from Dollar Tree + Cheap Spray Paint from Wal-Mart. I tried both ways of spray painting it to make grey. Black first, with white misted on top. Then white with black misted on top. I like the white first more than the black first. /shrug.

White as first layer, black as top layer.

White as first layer, black as top layer.

Black as first layer, white as top layer.

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