Sunday, November 4, 2012


Number one sign you haven't been keeping up with things in the blogosphere?
294 posts unread on Bloglovin'.
Who is on the fail train? Me. That's who.

I have been severely slacking lately, what with school, the halloween party, general laziness, trying to decide what to do about a portfolio/externship, and WoW.

The Halloween party was a success.
Everyone had on killer costumes, everyone drank til their hearts content, and everyone had a lot of fun (at least, that is what they tell me. haha) I was Little Red Riding Hood and Matt was the Big Bad Wolf as Grandmother.  Here are a few pictures from the party.

The Dining Room

A Pumpkin barfing up guacamole (found the idea on Pinterest)

The Kitchen. (those coolers were by far my best creation. Matt had some old coolers in the storage and I spray painted the tops and smeared them, and then used a latex-free glove and sprayed my hand red and smeared it on them)

Mummy Cheeseball (another idea from pinterest)

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