Saturday, January 19, 2013


I have plating class and chocolate work this term. I cannot wait for chocolate work. Plating is a lot of fun though. Below are a few of my plates thus far. We have to make all of the elements that go on the plate as well. Apart from the sauces. We learn how to make them, but our instructor makes them in bulk so it is easier on us.

 I have been trying to get back into blogging...this is all I've got for today.

(Too bad I don't like Creme Brulee.)

(Isomalt is ENTIRELY too much fun.)

(I just love the caramel spiral on this one so much. I love how it drapes down over everything.)

(Chocolate work = FUN!)


Anthony said...

Nice design...and it is edible :)

-V said...

Thanks! Yeah, all edible. So far though, I've only eaten the Panna Cotta. (and maybe a caramel covered almond or two.)

Thanks for stopping by. :]

Optimistic Existentialist said...

These are so creative!!

-V said...

Thanks. I am lucky to have a Chef who is super creative and awesome. Even on days I don't want to drive to school, he makes it worth it.

Em said...

Thanks for the blog comment lovely! In case you missed my reply- I know exactly what you mean! The good thing about IGGPPC is you are only obligated to send one initial letter or package- after that you don't have to continue writing unless you want to- so it may be perfect for you to see if you enjoy it- up to you if you want to carry it further :)